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A.D.A.M – Soulful Eclectic Melodic Music On Display

A.D.A.M – Soulful Eclectic Melodic Music On Display

….writing songs became my own personal diary. My emotions and thoughts that I felt no one else could understand were all written down in paper and sound, so it was a method of expression for me

Words by Sesan Adeniji

Without requiring any form of validation from me, arguably, this lad’s music can be listed as track-list in some of the most celebrated eclectic R&B Pop albums in the world in the last one year. The feel good factor that comes with each of his songs meet demands of music aficionados that needed a different vibe outside the bandwagon tune the mainstream industry seems to have surrendered to.

With a soulful pitch perfect voice, a good song writing skills and fluid vocal delivery that reminds me of Paul Play’s “Forever”, Darey’s “Not The Girl”, Djinee’s “I No Dey Shame” and Styl – PlusRunaway”, A.D.A.M churns out good music that will resonate with a huge number of Nigerian audience that love R&B pop music and as well also attract sales numbers in the foreign music market.

DownloadA.D.A.MTime‘ Featuring Zade

“My name is Adams Odosa Igbinidu, I’m a singer/songwriter with the stage name A.D.A.M (Another Day, Another Memory), and I’d be a final year Mechanical Engineering student of the University of Benin as soon as ASUU calls of its strike. I was born on the 19th of June in the year 1998. I’m from a strict, respected and responsible Muslim family, the first son of 4 boys. I’ve stayed almost all of my life in Benin City with my family and I’m Bini by tribe.

Everybody sorta likes music in my home; there was even a time my Dad got me Westlife’s “Coast-To-Coast” album, in primary 3 for coming first in class.

But it wasn’t till junior high I realized I could sing well, and that I could write lyrics too. The first piece I ever wrote, I had to lie to my parents that we were asked to write poetry by my English teacher in school lol,

They actually liked it and never really stopped me after, but I rarely showed them anything else, I preferred to keep them to myself. This was because writing songs became my own personal diary. My emotions and thoughts that I felt no one else could understand were all written down in paper and sound, so it was a method of expression for me.

DownloadA.D.A.M – “Faraway

After high school I was featured in a song titled “Brain Damage” by a talented rapper and friend, Odyssey. He was the first person I ever told of my proposed stage name, A.D.A.M. When he asked me why, I told him it describes just how I live my life, an attempt to living everyday with a purpose, achieving every goal there is to achieve, and basically leaving a story to tell my grandchildren at old age. We never really liked the song eventually and we have plans to redo that song at the right time.

DownloadA.D.A.M – “Liability” ( Lord Cover )

It wasn’t till December 2016 that I dropped my debut single titled “Confession” produced by my course mate with the name Odjimogho Ochuko (Dreadric) and his colleagues.

I did two songs in 2017, “Strings” produced by Dreadric. I also did “Liability [Lorde Cover]. But later that year I met Igodan, who introduced me to Lee Made It, and Lee became my personal producer. He mixed my “Liability cover”, and all my original songs till date. I dropped three more songs in 2018, “Memory“, which was featured in We Talk Sound LOFN playlist, “Faraway“, and most recently, “Time“, which features Hennessey VS Class finalist, Zade.

DownloadA.D.A.M – “Memory

I first performed my music at the 2017 Uniben All Stars event, as an opening act for DMW’s Mayorkun and Johnny Drille of Mavin, (headliners of the night).

I have also featured at other events, most notably at Evol 6.0 in February 2018, where I was lucky enough to be picked by the organisers to be among the only 3 acts that performed on the main show, the other two being headlining artist for the night, Ric Hassani and talented rap artist, Harry Carter. I also performed at CinemArena by the International Organization for Migration, and KU FM White Ball 2018, both in December 2018.

DownloadA.D.A.M – “Confession

In the later part of 2018, a lot of good things happened to me. I started doing a few more videos for social media, with the aid of my producer friend Kuchee, and 2 videographer friends of mine, Yeta and Jesse Jones. A few went viral; one particularly on Twitter got the attention of Davido temporarily. When I was asked in a questionnaire for our year book where I saw myself in 10 years upon graduation from high school, I filled that I was going to be a singer, a mechanical engineer and a soldier in the army.

DownloadA.D.A.M – “Strings

Although I am no longer interested in going to the army, I can say by Allah’s grace I’ve almost met my 10-year goal in 4 years. So 2019 comes with a lot of hope and sense of direction. I intend to drop an EP this coming year, and in conjunction with my good friend and confidant, Dj Rico, I am planning to
host my very first concert this year too, as soon as ASUU calls of strike” – A.D.A.M

Socials –

@theadamsound on IG, Twitter and FB

54 comments on “A.D.A.M – Soulful Eclectic Melodic Music On Display”

    • Dingeoc

      Hey bro. Your songs are so cool. I downloaded everything today, played it for my sister and I told her that this guy is an award winning singer in the US, she believed. That’s how good the songs are.

      It’s never going to be easy, don’t expect it to be. Keep working, keep an eye out, be wise and don’t forget to think of the business part of it.

      P.S: I b FYB Uniben also.

    • Dr elie

      Awalovers always behind you,keep it up brother

  1. Bioms

    ADAM to the world 🚀 🌍

  2. Karmma

    Up up and up you go A.D.A.M. Although that army part Sha go legit. Them no fit de fuck with 😂😂😂

  3. Nyerho

    Adams is an amazing artiste and I believe that if he continues at this pace he will get to the top in no time

  4. Isioma

    Love u ADAM….. Keep it up…. Love to see d best in 2019…. Hope I’m gonna get a VIP ticket for ur concert….. Smiles…. May Allah reward you…

  5. QlasickRetard

    A.D.A.M is one of the most consistent artists when it comes to lyrical content and song quality overall. I think we’re all blessed to have this genius give us his beautiful soul masked in melody.

  6. Turi

    You have come a long way. Your story is inspiring, your music is so so good and unique. It can only get better. Big ups fam👍🏼

  7. Kingsley

    Keep flying the flag man

  8. ushamata isaac promise

    Good music @a.d.a.m

  9. Nurudeen Hamdallah

    Hopefully you are a source of inspiration to many. May God help you achieve your dreams

  10. Bea

    He’s really good and a very talented artist not to mention his amazing song writing skills. I wish him the best. There’s still so much to do.

  11. Anonymous

    Amazing song writer with an amazing voice .. This dude is really fire

  12. Manuel Charles

    ADAM your songs give me chills

  13. Druids

    You are super amazing , My personal Favorite was Memory but Time is attempting to push it to 2nd fav. The World awaits your exploits in 2k19, Adam to the Moon and BTC too😂

  14. King Efexx

    You rock!

  15. Inemeh Regina

    A. D. A. M is an epoch to look out for. Your song Faraway will always be the A- list song on my playlist. There are no limits to how amazing you are.

  16. Afolashade

    Well done, 2019 will be the best ever.

  17. Nosa

    While I edit videos I put your songs on repeat bruh! Great songs.. We’ve been class mates for four years now and no doubt you have a great personality! Getting to the top is sure..

    • Osose

      Your song touches the soul i can’t wait to be a part of your success story A.D.A.M..the world will know your name 🙏

  18. Patson K.

    The world loves good music, & that’s exactly what u bring.

  19. LOADAM

    Time and Memory… Those r some headies shit mehn… A.D.A.M to the world.. We coming for em

  20. Woli B

    Sugar boyyyyyyyyyyy.. I’m so proud of youu babyy

  21. Nelson (Pioneer The Critic Circle)

    My Favourite and One I can fully vouch for.

  22. Joshiiee Fire

    Since my Ex started tripping for everything you sang, that’s when i knew your sound was legit 😄.
    I’m happy with your progress brother, hopefully I’ll see you and SIMI in a booth soon ❤

  23. Shakes

    Well done bro!. We are expecting more in 2019.

  24. Emee

    I can tell u that Adam is the future hope of Nigeria music… I’m tired of listening to pry 6 lyrics hiding under the grace of good beats… Only a few give us good sound and lyrics at the same time… Just take a look at Memory… That song has it all… Sound lyrics, nice beat, good voice…evn on shuffle, my music player still selects it often cuz its aware of good music also😁… Let’s not even go to “time”… U can see what 2 upcoming Nigeria artistes can create without influence from a big artiste in the industry… Evn a lot of them in the industry can’t beat that.
    The guy is good… and he can only get better and go worldwide with our help… Let’s keep up the publicity.. A.D.A.M to the world… At least good things can come out of naija!

  25. Emee

    Good music always comes from him… A.D.A.M is gonna blow… This I know😃

  26. Blackdotmandy

    Inspire us””””” ❤❤❤ all the very best

  27. Jaynuel

    I have known Adam for quite sometime and he definitely is a rare gem.Nigeria is waiting,Africa is waiting and the Universe is waiting for you.U going places man. I know.

  28. PG Armstrong

    So proud of how far you’ve come dear.


    I’m proud our paths crossed brother, see you at the top.


    Looking for good music (not noise)? Listen to A.D.A.M. Adam I tell you, your sound is an international commodity. See you on international stages

  31. Rashidah

    Adams is one of those few artist that has their own sound, he is unique and always brings something fresh to the table.I look 4ward to hearing something new from you .

  32. Rashidah

    He is d kind of guy that will tell u that ” I have family not fans”. You will definitely make it as an artist bcos u are one of a kind . u bring something new to us every time and we all want to see u at d top

  33. Anthony osigwe

    Don’t really have much to say all I know is that he is a good guy also a good singer and I pray a bigger him in 2k19

  34. Hajara

    So proud of you my dear ADAM

  35. Oaikhena Ebemen

    Really awesome and inspiring. I feel very privileged to know you and you are definitely going global

  36. Ella

    Adam. I love you

  37. ibinabo

    omg…you had me at..liability……I can imagine your cover would be bomb!!!

  38. A_star ✨


  39. A_star ✨

    A.D.A.M 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  40. Freda

    Keep being awesome, your voice is amazing and your songs are too. Don’t stop moving forward

  41. Joyce

    Hot hot hot boy!!!!
    More wins!!! Higher you go
    Memory and liability takes me down memory lane a lot

  42. Pumz

    A.D.A.M is the best , for a person that doesn’t really like Nigerian songs, I love his song. Long life so that you can keep singing awesome songs with your amazing voice. I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️(no homos man)

    P.S: your biography is lovely.

  43. Ekene

    You are a blessing dear and I believe u will make us proud and also the world will hear of you and celebrate you. Lots of love dear

  44. Daniel Mordi

    A.D.A.M Another day Another memory💥

  45. Jewels

    Adam you are Phenomenal. You are Great My Friend. I got you all the way.

  46. Genevieve Omigie

    ADAM!! my celebrity!!! you’re going places and God hasn’t even started with you yet!

  47. Precy

    Keep shining Adam. Can’t wait for you to get to the top😚😙😙

  48. SPYCEE

    A. D. A. M my man! You are going places. I love your music and you inspire me as an artiste. You keep encouraging me. You’re an amazing friend. I’ll do everything I can to support your concert this year. See you at the top bro 💕

  49. Promise Victor

    Weldone ADAM… Your songs are world class

  50. Claire

    I love you ,and I love every freaking thing about you .

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