‘…I love representing Arewa. I’m a Kaduna state born femcee. Music has
always been a part of me, my first true love…’ – Aboki Chick

Aboki Chick / Mystreetz magazine

Aboki Chick / Mystreetz magazine

Ever since the emergence of hip-hop music and rappers in the Nigerian music
space, the market with the largest rap music fanatics where rap music
albums have been purchased the most is the northern region. For over
fifteen years, this record stood. But ironically, in the history of the
country, the northern region has produced less mainstream artistes that rap
predominantly in Hausa lingo just like we have Phyno or Olamide. To be
sincere, this default was never as a result of their lack of talent but
because the indigenous rap heads in this area seldom travel out of their
borders to push their works effectively. There’s a bunch of potential
lyricists in the northern region; northerners often tilt towards hip-hop
rap music more than any other genre.

Back in the days, marketers’ record books indicated how rap music had been
massively consumed in the Nigerian northern district. The albums of the
likes of Modenine, Def O Clan and Trybesmen were always sold out. The works
of Nigga Raw and 2Shotz were also hot properties up north. Considering
these realities, it’s still baffling why this region finds it difficult to
produce rappers hugely influenced by Hausa culture on the mainstream arena.
The statistic is so bad that we have never celebrated any Hausa femcee but
I am of the opinion that Beatrice Auta a.k.a Aboki Chick will turn the
tide. She’s definitely heading north. Although today, we have new
generation northern rappers like Classiq, BOC Madaki, Bella and Morell
amidst veterans like Terry Tha Rapman (the likes of Pherowshuz and OD
disappeared into thin air) in the industry, but Aboki Chick fascinates me.
Her single ‘Ba Su’ is a true party hip-hop dance track. The production is
on fleek, it’s just a feel good rap song all day.

‘I love representing Arewa. I’m a Kaduna state born femcee. Music has
always been a part of me, my first true love but I admit to abandoning it
even before going public with my skills. I am pretty much versatile and
flow with inspiration whether it’s rapping or singing. I totally enjoy the
privilege of being arguably the 1st femcee from the north.’ – Aboki Chick.

On the recordings she’s done and who produced it!

I have been working nonstop and now have way too many songs that I can’t
wait to share with everyone, but my 1st official single was released few
months ago and it’s called ‘Ba Su’ (GIVE THEM) produced, mixed and mastered
by BURNING SOUNDS. Before ‘Ba Su,’ I jumped on the remix of Morell’s hit
track ‘An Kawo Wuta’ produced by DOUBZ BEAT with some amazing male rappers
too from the north and I feel blessed to be among dope men. I have done
quite a number of other collaborations too that you should watch out for.

As a hip-hop head that also raps in Hausa, tell us how it feels to be

Thing is I haven’t even started yet but It definitely feels great knowing I
am one of a kind already lol. I mean any girl from the north, south, east
and west can dare to do something and win. But I feel lucky and blessed
knowing I am standing strong for AREWA and about to take this to a new and
different kinda level.

How’s the journey so far?

The journey so far has been good and I’m loving
it; although I am still making moves and trying to get on the right
platforms which isn’t really easy for me as an independent artiste. But the
love so far has been unbelievable, people always asking for more music and
showing unconditional love and encouragement. I can’t wait to see what the
future holds for me; I
am super excited already.

Outside of music, what else have you done or still doing?

Well asides from music I am a full time and all round media girl, I am an
*lol* because I am a hustler of life.

– Sesan Adeniji

Culled from Mystreetz Magazine ( Blackmagic edition )

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