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Adaeze Mokaeze – The Doyenne Of The Morning Rush On The Beat 99.9FM Lagos

Adaeze Mokaeze – The Doyenne Of The Morning Rush On The Beat 99.9FM Lagos

You don’t become the host of the morning show on the Beat 99.9 FM Lagos just only for being fluent. You must have the open-mindedness to all music genres. You must be energetic. And also have an understanding of the reality in the various parts of the country and industry. I am very sure these are some of the reasons why Adaeze Mokaeze got the job.

Each day on air, one could have an idea of Adaeze’s headspace going into the show – thoughtful, factual, and entertaining. Weekdays from 6 am – 11 am, listening to her brings back good old memories. Although young in the industry, Adaeze exhibits attributes of some of the legendary broadcasters. A co-host alongside Osi – her informed commentaries have positioning her brand as the Doyenne of the Morning Rush Show. An OAP-cum lifestyle vlogger, Adaeze is not your mate -(In Pidgin English). Her choice in music is eclectic – there’s so much to love about her. We once had a conversation.

Kindly talk about your journey into broadcasting, also, talk about how being open-minded to life and music contributed to the reason why you are one of the most reliable broadcasters in the country?

I grew up in a middle-class family with a lot of adults around me who had different tastes in music. I listened to Jazz, blues, R&B, and a lot of Country music because that was what my dad belted out when I was young. I suppose being surrounded by myriad genres of music made my taste so eclectic. I also have parents that discussed everything with me.

It ranged from work problems, finances, and relationships. This transparency allowed me to relate with different characters as well as to adapt very quickly to my surroundings. I have also learned from some borderline crazy situations I have found myself. All this knowledge and experiences make for good stories on the radio. In being open-minded and genuine, I stay true to myself. Listeners connect with being real.

Christened Adaeze Cybil Mokaeze, an indigene of Delta State – she grew up in various places and assimilated into different cultures. “I was born in Ilorin. I grew up in Abeokuta, and now I reside in Lagos. I have moved around. I went to a catholic primary and secondary school in Abeokuta.

I attended Babcock University, where I studied international law and diplomacy.” Before working at The Beat 99.9FM, Ada, as she is popularly called, has worked for two other media houses – Pulse NG and Upfront and Personal, and as well, she was once a PA to an OAP.

In talking about her show, she said, “I currently co-host the Morning Rush with Osi. He makes my job a joy – Asides being my good friend. I won’t lie, I struggled when I first started because I had come from the DriveTime show with Gbemi, and I am generally not a morning person. But right now, I am enjoying every bit of it. I am living my dream.


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Words By Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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