From the first time I crashed into her, her dance performances was captivating. She effortlessly switched from all popular dance routines to those we only see in classic movies or on Broadway. Trained at Beijing Art School, China, AdilaRingz specialises in acrobatics, with hula hoops being her preferred medium of performance. She’s a professional dancer, Circus Performer (Contortionist, straw hats and clubs juggler and unicyclist) Chinese Translator, Creative and artistic Choreographer. As flawless as water, her moves, techniques and balance are extra-ordinary. This lady is like the Pablo Picasso of the dance industry in Nigeria.

“My Name is Adila Adeola Omotosho Born to the family of late Prince Omotosho and Late Mrs Omotosho from Ogun state with a lineage of Benin Republic. I’m the last Child of 5. Dance Started at the age of 6, Being from a Reputable Muslim home, dancing actually brought me to Christianity’ – she was once quoted.

Prior to her training in Circus Arts, AdilaRingz had developed a huge following in Nigeria as the choreographer of Nigeria’s singing sensation Styl-Plus in 2009-2010, featuring in various music videos as well as touring with the group nationwide. When asked how she has been able to accomplish so much at such a young age, she replied, “Everything is possible with the right mind set”.

She has graced stages across the world in countries like Ghana, Ethophia, China and Nigeria to name but a few and has worked with the likes of Paul Blair (World Record holder and professional hula hooper), Kaffy, Ezinne Asinogu, Psquare, Awilo Logomba, Seyi Shey ,falz, patoranking the Chinese and American Embassies(Nigeria) United nations. This quintessential international performer has being certified with certificates during her participation at the ‘U.S. Hip pop Workshop training’, ‘Barnabas House Intermediate Course’,  ‘All African Games (Coja)’  and ‘The Dance Workshop’

Today, AdilaRingz is the Creative Director of ADA studios (Adila Dance Acrobatics), an outfit that promotes Circus arts in Nigeria and provides Circus entertainment, Dance and Fitness training as well as Talent Management. According to her, “ I Intend on building a Standard Circus Art school in Nigeria with the Aim of creating Jobs for young Talents and Promoting Nigerian Culture to serve as Tourist Attraction through Arts. Also worthy of Note, she won the Patoranking’s “Available Dance Contest”. She also performed in the video. She has received honors for ‘Best African Student at Wuqiao Art School China – 2011, Season 8 Maltina Dancer of the Night- 2014, Nigerian teens choice awards best acrobat- 2016, Ntca recognition awards- 2018, Grand awards nominee( Best female dancer Best Female Choreographer Best Afrobeat Dancer).


  1. Adila Omotosho

    My heart pursed for a moment to the realization of how great mystreeztmag made me look. Am so thankful for this.. thank you for giving me a reason to push more. GOD BLESS YOUU.

  2. Perry

    Baby girl be doing us proud and going places. More grace

  3. Enobong Ekpenyong

    Adila is a great personality. We have not even seen half of what she has to offer🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  4. Clifford Frank

    Adila is an amazing human being
    I an proud to know and associate with her.. She’s one of a kind

  5. Miriam

    Reading this, knowing about the dreams and the hustle and attaining great heights, I know that you are not even there yet and these are preparations because he’s about to shift you into a greater space. More knowledge and strength to you.

  6. Kolawole oyindamola

    This was interesting to read … Wishing her many more success and many more winning.

  7. Clifford Frank

    I am so Proud to know and associate with Adila… She’s one of a kind
    Well deserved honey!!!

  8. Tabitha Anthony

    Adila is a wonderful, God fearing and an amazing lady with a heart of gold. She is selfless and love to share in her space with others. She has use her art to touch lives and assist others in so many ways. She deserve all the good and great things in life. May God keep blessing you more and more.

  9. Bukunmi Olukitibi

    Amazing and fearless soul. Strong performer. More grace love

  10. Tin-Tin

    Yayyy babygirl be making us proud💙💙

  11. Anthony Angela

    The world needs to know about an icon,Keep pushing mama. The sky is not your limit💪

  12. Kolawole oyindamola

    Am super proud of you Adila .. More grace and more strength …. More winning

  13. Iykepraiz

    She’s just the best
    Wish You More Grace And More Wins
    Together With AngiStone 😍

  14. Ruth

    Adila is a rare gem. I’m exceedingly proud of her. There are many talented people out there but she’s one of those not just with great talent but with a drive and zeal beyond her young age. ‘Mama’ loves you girl. Never stop shinning

  15. Tayo Lawal

    Adila is not just a great dancer but a young lady with awesome personality. A beauty with a big heart that deserves global recognition. Soar high girl, the sky is a take off.

    • Ogespride

      What else do yhu expect from a born legend she has been destined wit great potentials ryt from her momma’s womb….. D lord is yhur strength gurl ride on yhu going places and i so much blv in yhu

  16. Ivy

    This is well deserved she is an Icon to recon with her wins are well deserved she is one of the most hardworking person I’ve come across!

  17. Faith olaoye

    Mama am so happy to know someone like you,so ambitious,caring and loving
    I love you so much ,best female Afro dancer ❤️❤️❤️😁😁

  18. Barbby B

    One of the greatest performers of all time. Her passion for dance motivates me and probably others out there too. She’s such an incredible lady with a big fat heart. God bless you mama ringz, the world is ready for you!!

  19. Mima

    Super great!well done!

  20. Specialpraise

    Adilla she’s like a mentor to me best among the best there are more to say about her but lemme stop here for now…

  21. Ayo

    Whooopp whoooppp!!! Go girl! You haven’t even started yet!😁😁

  22. Ayo Ajulo

    Whoooop whoooopp!!! Go girl! You ain’t even started yet

  23. Isys

    Adila is the definition of what I call a bankable investment. She is a pure soul, a giver and a hard worker. She deserves every recognition she gets because she never gives up and never backs down. But most importantly, she does everything with love and that is why we all love her. This is the beginning, y’all are not ready for what’s got coming, just wait and see


    All I can say is you are one amazing girl! Love you

  25. Oluwadolarz

    “Adila is a good dancer” is an understatement …Adila is just too good .. I have watched her perform on several occasions … she is always blowing my mind 😩 mehn that’s my favorite dancer on earth

  26. Mizter odm

    Baby you look beautiful with your style of acting

  27. Oluwadolarz

    Adila is a legend in the making …my favorite dancer on earth

  28. Sirbelove

    You’re going places dear 💕 The eyes of the enemies will not see you 💝 Grace will follow you anywhere you go

  29. Onaolapo Yetunde

    I have always been proud of this Entity,
    She’s also grateful being,I have watch you grow into a strong woman,

    I’m happy your hard work is being recognised, keep the good work Darling the best is yet to come.

    Looking out for you Champ 😘😘

  30. Klÿnn

    Nice Movement….. Great vibes… 🌏🌏
    #iyarosko to the 🌐..

  31. Nabila

    One girl I know with so much energy and with a free spirit and fun to be with so entertaining….God bless ur movement

  32. Kayode otedola oluwafemi

    No much world’s to say but God bless you ur gift shall make way for you before kings

  33. Princess

    This is beautiful. I am so proud of you. Well done dear. More grace!!!!

  34. Janeblack

    She’s such an inspiration and i love her charisma

  35. Janeblack

    She’s such an inspiration and i love her charisma God bless you

  36. Ebi

    You are indeed an Amazenly crafted and gifted in what you do darlyn… I celebrate you

  37. Ebi Dee

    You are Amazenly crafted and gifted in what you do darlyn… I celebrate you..😘😘

  38. Tope

    I hope that a lot of people get to see this piece, Adila is fierce unstoppable,.Resilient, I secretly think she has Super powers, and most times I wanna say, take me to your Baba Na, but then it’s been God all the way, Many More Victories to score. Our outstanding Dancpreneur, Entrepreneur.

  39. Khng Switch

    Real legend , an alpha female and ground breaker. Her best hasn’t even been seen yet, just wait for it. Well deserve Mama Dillz
    mother of multitide.

  40. Annika

    I’ve admired you long time, your performances are magical, love watching you. The world hasn’t seen bit of you yet. More Grace honey.

  41. Dj_Burna

    Adilah my gingerBread😁😁😁u know I must click on this site to see one what d beautiful page wrote about u❤️❤️😁Anyways they said well and I’m really proud of u…More wins for u girl,and I pray God continues to strengthen u just as he’s been doing cos baby Girl it’s heavenly and mighty and it amazes me💯

  42. Cincii

    As long as am concern adila worth a gold medal dancer in Nigeria, too talented not to be appreciated. Am really proud of u…. keep soaring #winningteam.

  43. kay ess 1

    it’s time to stop being vague. if you wish to be an extraordinary person like Adila. if you wish to be wise , then you should explicitly identify the kind of person you aspire to become. Adila rules

  44. Okpe Godwin

    Adila she is the best dancer in the world, especially when u are angery the best thing to do go to youtube or Instagram and search for her it’s so amazing, Adila you are not just a luck child but a blessed child, more blessings ahead.

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