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Akataka Miracle – Boldest Petite Model and Photographer in the Game

Akataka Miracle – Boldest Petite Model and Photographer in the Game


It’s over two years since I put out my first editorial on her, but her record as one of the most respected and coveted model remains intact.

Words By Sesan Adeniji

In an industry like modeling where envy is not far from reach, this lady is wholeheartedly embraced and looked at as inspiration for other upcoming models. She’s now not only the model several models want to follow her path but also the photographer that will be capturing breathtaking images that will shape perspectives for future generations.

“I am Akataka Miracle Osiobe. I am a petite model and a photographer. I am 5’4ft tall, a graduate of university of Benin, Edo state Nigeria where I studied social work. I started modeling in 2015; I trained at MOJ Model Academy in Benin but professionally, modeling started for me in 2016. I appeared on fashion runway shows in and outside Benin City but due to my schooling then, I had to let some opportunities slide because first thing first, my parent wanted me to graduate before anything.

My journey so far has been rough, tough and awesome too, because I have met so many beautiful people in and out of Nigeria. I was also privilege to have met my husband through this journey. It has not been easy at all. The road to success for petite model is an interesting one. The industry is still warming up to them. The challenges of height and body physiques are tasking.

I have worked hard in the past three years and am still working hard to get recognized and to get my work to be appreciated by agencies home and abroad irrespective of my height and size. I am currently the Brand Ambassador of a Black Passionate Art Gallery project in Benin City, titled Face of Art Nigeria, which would be holding next year by God’s Grace. I am planning on starting up a Modeling academy to help train models on everything they need to know concerning the industry- modeling career and modeling etiquette. I already came up with a name AMIE Model Academy; it is for all heights and sizes of models.

I hope and pray that very soon petite modeling would be widely recognized and accepted. I also hope that we would be given the opportunity to carry out our creative idea. Also with my photography, I hope to make all things beautiful for potential models. We #goan change the game. I look forward to more collaborations with top fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists , also photographers and to do more magazine features.

12 comments on “Akataka Miracle – Boldest Petite Model and Photographer in the Game”

  1. Sharon Nwani

    Nice Article. More wins Miracle

    • Samuel Aloghemen

      Ur awesome baby girl. I know ur destined for greatness love. Keep the fire burning. U will go far.

  2. Mercy Obia

    Lovely dear. Am inspired

  3. Nelson Aigberewmon

    Nice one miracle.. wish you success in this journey..you have already started and you shall finish strong..

  4. Spiritual Murano

    More heights darling

  5. Peace

    Great works darling

  6. Oputeh Ikpemi

    Wonderful.. Keep soaring baby

  7. Armie

    This is nice. You’ll do great.

  8. Lohis Aruya

    That’s my girl.. Giii them left right. Hot hot 🚒

  9. Lasisi Oluwatoyin

    You’re so inspiring dear…keep soaring.

  10. House of Mujie

    As I always say, “my love for you, your art, your passion, your creativity, your person and all, is limitless”.you keep surprising me.
    Keep soaring darl…you have it all in you.
    I am so looking forward to working with you.
    Yaaassss! #we goan change the game.

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