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Akuchay’s Conscious Music Is Inspiring Social Equality

Akuchay’s Conscious Music Is Inspiring Social Equality

When you listen to any of the songs from the artiste called Akuchay, the underlying messages are awakening. Her conscious music, either up-tempo or mellow tone, will make you dance and sing-along, but importantly, they are inspiring. Her sound is a mash-up of Afro-pop and soul with a central uplifting content that resonates with her legion of music fans across the world – This is conscious music with undertones of Gospel.

Christened Akudia Uche Ezeiruaku, since 2006 till date, she has had a level of involvement in the Nigerian music industry. Earlier in her career, she was the pop princess that goes by the name Angelica. She held the industry spellbound with her 2006 hit single titled “My Naija Guy”. She also released a 15-track album. Although she had a break to start a family and picked up a career as a Mental Health Worker and Social Justice Activist, her return as a performing artist was more meaningful. She loves music. As a debut single announcing her comeback, she released the song titled “Praise Him”. It’s a song with a nuance of contemporary Gospel music.

“During the #ENDSARS protest, especially after the Lekki Massacre, my alter-ego as a conscious musician came into play. I released the song called “WE RISE”. It was a social commentary that needed to be recorded and heard – In an attempt to positively motivate people to commit to a change, I coined a term called RISE -MENT. #Risement – (The change starts with me). The release of the song came in handy with a music video that gained traction on social media. It receives rave reviews.

Some aggrieved folks that don’t like the truth about the song even reported it on Youtube – We were shadow-banned. But at the end of the day, they made it available for viewing. Good music always prevails and will remain evergreen. I have a new single out called “You Are God”. In the coming months, I am also working on releasing an EP. 2021 is about releasing conscious music all through” – In the words of Akuchay

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Words By Sesan Adeniji: Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadenij@master

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