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Remember in High school we all had that one boy in class we judged without knowing him personally; like when a teacher would come into the class and ask who vandalized the toilets we would all point out a certain person, when results are posted on the board we can all guess who would come last and who would come first in subjects and morals alike. Like the neatest girl was so evident because we all knew who was well dressed, the most social boy/girl too. We all judged people by face value then; some people still do that till date.
Life is deeper than that; like Dolly Parton said in one of her hit songs; “Don’t judge me by the cover because I am a really good book”.

So the next time you want to sit on your high horse and make assumptions by what you see or hearsay do a little more research and find out.
Maybe the boy that you thought looked like a ruffian is actually the best behaved in class, and the girl that doesn’t wear glasses with her hair packed in pigtails is the most intelligent girl in the class. And the little boy that isn’t the first to rush to the notice board when scores are posted is the leader of the class through his good grades.

This is the story of Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe AKA Kiss Daniel. This young man is so easy on the eyes, (unlooking) and his vocal prowess is something out of the soundtrack of an A-list movie. The ease at which he makes this well scripted love medley is a story that will take more than a day to tell, he writes this song with such genius and appreciation of the woman he is singing to, this is what a love song should sound like, and that is what “Woju” is.

The delivery and unforced approach is another point of contact to artists that emphasize on breaking a lady’s back via twerking and other outlandish display. This Leader of the new school as termed by the esteemed ‘Industry Nite’ folks is one man that has come to change the face of the Nigerian industry not only has he sort out his own genre by terming it; ‘Hybrid Music’, he has also brought old school and sexy back with mere words and appreciation of the women folks. It is no question why the Ladies love him. I mean, who wouldn’t?

A young man that understands the lady folks and all we want to hear without pulling purse strings is a win in my books. Also with the pure and undiluted strings of Fiokee and his mastery at the guitar, this song was well put together. The radio loves him, TV stations can’t stop playing his video, ladies love him, brides to be want him at their wedding reception and most importantly his vocal prowess is crisp. He recently went on a media tour and in one of the radio stations he played and performed an acoustic version to his hit song; ‘Woju’.

Many believe this to be his debut single but prior to this well received song he dropped a song called; ‘Shoye’ which was well received and loved by fans nationwide. The success of ‘Woju’ has a fairytale ring to it, because not only did it peak number one on all charts nationwide, celebrities and A-list artist want to jump on it and even a mega don like 2Baba has put out a cover to this Sheyman mixed song. Also, it has a newly released remix with Nigeria’s sweetheart and expectant Mom, Tiwa Savage and Davido. Recently promising new act, Toby Grey released a reply to this witty medley by using the same instrumentals and all but her reply is called, ‘Gboju’.

At the moment, the industry is Kiss Daniel’s oyster. He has us all at his mercy, expectant and waiting anxiously for a new song and hopefully an album. Hopefully he seizes this moment with all his might and makes his name a reckoning force. We wish him nothing but luck and a continued easy sail through this whirlwind industry.

Extracted from Mystreetz magazine( THE RESURGENT MI) issue. Words by Oghomwen Toni Osagie

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