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Alloy Iteba

‘I try using metal with my subjects to bring out a striking and unsettling composition, focusing on the conceptual as well as the visual aspect of photography‘.- Alloy Iteba

If there’s one thing that I have learnt about this continent called Africa, it’s the fact that there are a huge number of creative people whose body of work can compete favourably with what is obtainable anywhere else in the world. The directions in which some folks are heading with their ideas are hugely commendable. The economic limitations and political atmosphere have not deterred some artistic people from reaching for the skies, instead, it’s more like a motivation to push further and be limitless. The architectural designs and photography works from Alloys are testament that Africa is the next continent that will be reckoned with in the nearest future. From the moment I came in contact with his works, I did everything possible to reach out to him for a story and I got my wish.
My name is Alloys Iteba, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture. I have always been in love with the built environment. I’m in pursuit of yet another recent self-discovery passion in Digital Art, which was provoked by a friend’ – He introduced himself to me.

Mystreetz magazine

Mystreetz magazine

Your metal creative works standout, what inspires those masterpieces?

Architecture inspires me to do photography. Talk of modernist architecture. This style of 20th century is heavily characterized by asymmetrical compositions, use of cubic or cylindrical shapes and use of metal and glass frameworks, which often makes the form to be aesthetically appealing to the eye. I try using metal with my subjects to bring out a striking and unsettling composition, focusing on the conceptual as well as the visual aspect of photography. Also I get inspiration from other creative abeyances, horror or animation movies and magazines. Rahab Karanja owner of @ryceliadesign, she has been of great help. She’s amazing in her craft of employing metal to her designs. I saw her work on IG and I knew we would be doing great personal projects in the future.


When should we expect to see some of these your works on commercial scales – music videos or movies?

Soon. I have been in talks with two musicians; one local, another one from Cameroon. Hopefully the projects will see the light of day in 2017. I will keep working on my personal projects and the rest God will take care of.



Your photography works are breathtaking, how did you get involved with photography?

Photography was never my thing growing up. I had no interest until I met Osborne Macharia (now internationally renowned photographer). We were doing our final undergraduate thesis proposal (2013). He joined us in the second semester. We had the same supervisor but I never took interest of him. Until one of my classmates mentioned that he had done some amazing work for Guinness Raise Your Game and Niko Na Safaricom Live 2013. After checking up his website, I fell in love with the images. Never did I imagine a local guy could produce those badass images. We hooked up early 2014 for some motivations and how to go about digital photography. He was humble and willing to help. I owe him a lot. I acquired my first camera Canon 1100D and YouTube became my teacher. 2015 one of my images was used in a local cover magazine.
In January 2016, things were hard. I had invested almost $1600 in photography using my salary (employed as a graduate architect). Yet for almost 2 years I had made $300 only. I was so broke by then, selling the equipment and giving up on photography was the only option. The day I was to sell the equipment, I got a call from a friend who works at SportPesa (SportPesa, is a Kenya-based sports betting website owned and operated by Pevans East Africa Limited). He wanted me to present my portfolio along with other photographers for some assignment. I got the job and it paid well. The same year 2016, I won an award under creative category (series) on Kenya Photography Awards sponsored by Canon. I’m now a believer of never, ever give up on your craft, keep grinding, and perfect it. With God’s grace, you will conquer the world… Soon, very soon!


Tell us about your brand and what should we expect in 2017?

I’m trying to make a name for my company, Chromez Studio and me. I do a lot of architectural visualization and render full time. Photography is side hustle which I intend to take to the next level. I have also defined my niche in photography; that’s commercial photography, fashion and portraiture. And now the bigger challenge remains on defining my style. Currently I’m experimenting on different styles, and hopefully I will find mine soon. I will be doing more personal projects, and also workshops to pass my knowledge to others. I’m ready to connect with the world and show my artistry knowing God is alongside me.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

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  1. David Lehman

    Alloy is a phenomenal up and coming talent. His work is well executed and well conceptualized. Younger photogs should look to him as part of a growing body of impressive contemporary Kenyan photographers.

    Congratulations to My Streetz magazing for recognizing his work and featuring his talent. I hope to see more of this artist in the future.

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