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ARAMIDE ‘Females in the industry need to work harder’

ARAMIDE ‘Females in the industry need to work harder’


For music entrepreneurs, journalist and fans who are truly concerned, the gender issue will always arise when we properly take stock to evaluate the state of the Nigerian music industry. At some important moment of brand analysis to decide some specific activation directed to the female folks, the issue of which female musician is active enough to be used to drive brand sales. For years now, female performing artistes have struggle for consistency and survival. This shortcomings not directly associated to lack of talent but more like are lack of proper planning by the artistes, their management team and record label. But, despite the odds, some are tirelessly working hard to stay alive and be relevant. Baseline recording artiste Aramide, is one of the few still living her dream. This Afro-Soul/Jazz artiste discovered her talents for singing and writing as a teenager and decided to nurture them. Her musical influences include Erykah Badu, Miriam Makeba, Sade and Angelique Kidjo. Her approach to song-writing and her soft but deep and powerful voice are some of the things that stand her out. Her latest single ‘Iwo Nikan talks about unconditional love. This is in addition to her previous single ‘Feeling This Feeling’

The music industry is dominated by male artists due to consistency over the years. Recently, Female artists (Tiwa, waje, Omawumi, Yemi Alade) have gained acceptance into the industry and are gaining more confidence to share their artistry and express themselves as artists. Also, the male artists are more. In terms of numbers. With the females, they are over shadowed most times because for every one female release, there are five males releases or more.
Females in the industry need to work harder and collaborate with each other as artists and also not to take things for granted. our branding, publicity and music should be well crafted, promoted and should be able to stand the test of time.

Are talented artistes more like slaves to the industry?
‘I won’t say slaves but a little under appreciated. However, over time with artists like Asa, Nneka, Bez, Brymo and Timi dakolo the fans and public in general have been able to appreciate real talent/music by attending their concert and shows, buying their albums and even corporate organizations endorsing them. With the realization of these artists producing ever green music that stand the test of time, more appreciation and recognition is being given to alternative music artist.

Extracted from Mystreetz Magazine( Cynthia Morgan’s Edition )

Words by Sesan Adeniji

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