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Are Broda Shaggi, Nedu, And Sydney Talker Truly Funny?

Are Broda Shaggi, Nedu, And Sydney Talker Truly Funny?

Without doubts, 2019 proved to be the year where comedians that put up skits on social media platforms like Instagram attained dizzy heights stardom. In reviewing the Nigerian entertainment industry this year, bearing in mind the fact that several musicians successfully made inroads into the international music market with regards to appearances at music festivals and their noteworthy collaborations while in the movie industry, the filmmakers got their films to be streamed on Netflix. That said; it would be a grave mistake not to mention how successful the art of comedy frenzy on social media (Instagram) was and still is in 2019. All through the year, satirists like Nedu, Broda Shaggi and, Sydney Talker amongst others had the whole industry in a state where they laugh their head off. So the answer to this story’s headline question is, they are truly funny. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

To imagine how far the comedy industry has come and how instrumental satirists are to the success story of the art/entertainment industry and the profitability of brands in Nigeria is mind-blowing – Let’s take a cue from the legendary standup comedian Ali Baba when in the nineties he erected three billboards carrying a simple message “The comedy Industry is a serious business”. This is one message the comics displaying their skits on Instagram take so seriously – They are not just in the business to make everyone laugh, these lads are business savvy – they are making millions from it. Considering the effort they put into each skit, they worth every penny they are making.

The debate alluding that stand-up comedians are more creative than the satirists sharing skits on social media seems to have blurred. The artistry exhibited in the storylines of all the various videos shared by online comedians is overwhelmingly captivating and humorous. With each of these humorists having over one million followers on Instagram, they have gradually turned rock stars. In a new era where brands are chasing relevance and profit using social media marketing strategies, the famous social media satirists are the go-to guys to help them gain awareness amongst their millions of audiences. Not too long ago, musicians and record label execs were courting the online comics to help them promote new music. So who are the top dog comics online? How much do you know about the satirists that have made us laugh the most in 2019?

Nedu is one of the undisputable satirists on Instagram. This guy is the most free-spirited creative comic genii on the social media sphere – he’s arguably the only one with two of the funniest alter-egos comic characters in this part of the world. His comic persona “Sister Nkechi” and “Alhaji Musa” are both intriguing characters that deliver rib-cracking comedy appealing to all ages and tribal groups. Petite in stature, Nedu carries talents that cut across the music, acting and broadcasting industry. According to Nedu, his comic character name “Sister Nkechi” was developed in 2013 but it came online in 2016. Likewise, the character “Alhaji Musa” came online in 2016 but was created earlier.

There’s no arguing the fact that the Broda Shaggi is one of the highest-earning and most popular comic figure on social media. With over three million followers on Instagram, he’s one of the most talented in his field. An Actor and a musician, yet, he still finds ample time for comedy. In 2019, Broda Shaggi produced some of the funniest skits. With several brands booking him for commercials and endorsement, he’s one of the most visible faces on television advertorial and billboards. As a performing artist, he has released several songs. Broda Shaggi is a bundle of talents. He’s one of the funniest comedians in 2019. His real name is Samuel. A. Perry, this lad is a genius.

Sydney Egere alias Sydney Talker is the most recognized youngest satirist that held the whole entertainment industry spellbound with top-class humor in 2019. With a signature facial expression as funny as that of iconic Mr. Bean, his series of video burlesque on Instagram receives huge viewership. Sydney is a lover of the art of comedy and according to him, “I’m naturally crazy; I’ve been crazy since I was a child. Comedy is something I love so much. I started doing comedy when I was in secondary school. Anytime I take a break from comedy, I won’t feel comfortable”. Sydney started posting skits in 2016, then with barely two hundred thousand followers – now he commands over one million – a sign of his widespread popularity.

The love for skits on Instagram grew faster in 2019. Alongside established names like Josh2funny, CrazeClown, the likes of Nedu, Broda Shaggi and Sydney Talker are some of the funniest comics on social media in 2019.


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