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BANTU Bemoans Corruption In New Single ‘Animal Carnival’

BANTU Bemoans Corruption In New Single ‘Animal Carnival’

Following their power-packed call to action single, Disrupt the Programme (released in April 2020), BANTU (Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity) hits even harder with yet another musical tour de force titled Animal Carnival released today 29th of May, 2020.

The premise of Animal Carnival is a simple question, how does one make
sense of the outlandish and insane realities of Nigeria where corruption
and kleptocracy has now reached staggering new heights, with missing funds being attributed to devious acts of the supernatural?

Bizarre stories of creatures such as a snake allegedly ingesting millions
of Naira, roguish gang of monkeys carting away public money stashed by a senator in his farmhouse or a gorilla miraculously swallowing the entire
earnings of a zoo have become the norm. No-one in Nigeria seems to be safe from these malicious beastly threats.

Inspired by these events BANTU recorded the satirical song “Animal
Carnival”. Armed with an infectious tightly-locked groove, a crisp and
punchy horn section and lyrics that speak truth to power, the Lagos-based 13-piece band takes no prisoners as it weaves a musical narrative
that explores the length and breadth of Afrobeat, Afrofunk and its Yoruba
music roots.

Known for their social commentary, BANTU decries the condescending,
the inhumane attitude of the ruling class and how they have systematically plummeted the masses into total submission and are turning a nation of 200 million people into a circus show where anything and everything goes.


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