Beverly Osu Photo story for Valentine is damn creative. | MyStreetz Magazine Beverly Osu Photo story for Valentine is damn creative. – MyStreetz Magazine

Beverly Osu Photo story for Valentine is damn creative.

Beverly Osu Photo story for Valentine is damn creative.

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In an industry filled with bandwagons, it’s a delight when you come in contact with an idea that is so realistic. Depending on the way you interpret it, the photo story released for Valentine from Beverly Osu is so real and creative.

‘As a Model, Actress and Writer I love to do things to project my act. 

Beverly’s book of pose, was created by my fans; the models want to be better, the Actors need to get expressions right, and the writers needs to learn to play with words’- She narrates what inspired the concept

She released it with this creative sad note.

Don’t tell me you care about me unless you mean it, because I might do something crazy and believe it. ‎Shh…Listen don’t you hear I’m crying but they are silent tears. I’m crying on the inside so you can’t see all the pain running though me. I cry for you, I cry for the times I can’t. I am still here because I’m afraid of being lonely but what difference does it make?

Johnny what excuse do you have for not showing up on Valentine’s Day?

I waited, I accepted, I checked my phones, Nepa took the light, I still waited Johnny. I changed twice because I was unsure of‎ how to look for you…everything became unsure, I even became unsure of my principles…

Beverly-Osu-1-600x400 Beverly-Osu-2-600x400 Beverly-Osu-3-600x852 Beverly-Osu-4-600x984 Beverly-Osu-5-600x400 Beverly-Osu-8-600x400

What has the Beverly brand been up to the last one year, and what should we expect from you this year?

I have been in the movie making scene, I had to focus ‎on my act, learning more over the months. This year is a great year already, so we all should expect good entertainment and great news. Amen and Amen.


How will you define a super woman like yourself?


‎Crowd Pleasers have to depend on the thoughts and ideas of others to survive or be successful, my point is I’m not a crowd pleaser, Been Ambitious since I was kid, I follow my plans even if sometimes it’s difficult to execute… In Denrele’s words ” Ada you are a multi_dimensional person and every aspect of you SHINES.”

Beverly-Osu-10-600x856 Beverly-Osu-11-600x383

Photography- Sunmisola

Words- Sesan Adeniji


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