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Beware Of Naira Marley’s Marlians, Tacha’s Titans And, Daddy Freeze’s Free The Sheeple Clan

Beware Of Naira Marley’s Marlians, Tacha’s Titans And, Daddy Freeze’s Free The Sheeple Clan

Three of the most notable fan base movements in 2019 did not occur in the political arena. They happened in the entertainment industry. The rise of the artiste Naira Marley’s fan base called the “Marlians” and that of Big Brother Naija diva Tacha called the “Titans”, and not to forget 0AP Daddy Freeze’s Free The Sheeple Clan are the three notable shades of fanatic fan movements in the country. Extreme in nature, these three fan groups are untamed and, will move mountains in support of the brand they stand for and the ideology they shared.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

All over the world, from Iran to Hong Kong, fan groups with elements of a grassroots movement that started online are shaping policies and perceptions about their demands in different industries just as it’s happening in France with the yellow vests movement. In Nigeria, in 2019, these online fan groups called Marlians, Titans and, Free The Sheeple clan, indirectly shape a couple of the general opinions in the industry. Wither you agree with them or not, the trio groups have come to stay. They are all over the social media sphere. They are the by-products of the country’s ethical and socio-economic reality.

To coexist in this new global village where they exist, it’s about time we understand how the Marlians, Titans and, Free The Sheeple clan think. There’s a looming danger if we failed to understand them because, in the year 2020, more of such groups will arise. They will shape narratives across the Nigerian entertainment industry. With the election in the coming years, if politicians get to them before we all do, they will tilt the election result before we know it just the way Donald Trump did when he tapped into the interest of the alleged alienated Americans for his benefits. In the context of this story, the group that falls into that category is the Marlians, Titans and, Free The Sheeple Clan. So what are these groups all about?

The fan group called the Marlians is the bunch of diehard fans (non-conformist) that share a similar ideology with the artiste Naira Marley. The online uproar between rapper Ruggedman and Naira was their uniting point. They found a star in Naira Marley – the one who is unhinged, who publicly displays his ignorance just for being who he’s and who manifests all the attributes of being unorthodox. Recently, I have met with several youths that identify themselves as marlians. Marlians are a group of people against cultural norms. They are a combination of “hardworking” and the alleged “Lazy youth” that don’t like to be treated unruly. Educated and social media savvy, the marlians are huge percentage numbers in the students and the workforce. While I was researching their origin, I realize that they love to be advice behind closed doors. They hate public humiliation. All across the tertiary institutions, they are millions of marlians across gender lines. Marlians are in different families across various homes. They only need to be understood and properly schooled. Beware of rejecting them.

The other prominent fan club is Tacha’s Titans. These are a set of a unique breed(more of ladies than guys) of young women across the country who are standing firm throwing shades and taking bullets for Tacha. In a society like ours where females are very hypocritical of each other, these legions of fans are in support of their hero Tacha all through her stay in the Big Brother Naija house – despite her flaws, they defended their icon all months. Titans are one of the most ruthless when it comes to trolling. The Titan’s ideology is straightforward and simple; they believe every girl deserves a second chance. They assume being flirty and rude should not be a stigma. The sooner we understand the Titans, the lesser we will have issues with them. Beware, if you leave in a glasshouse, don’t throw stones at the Titans. Free The Sheeple Clan is the last fanatic fan club to mention. Unlike the Marlians and the Titans, these fans inspired by Daddy Freeze are a different kettle of fish. Their fight is against religious ignorance and the pastors that condole those norms. As extreme as their views might be, you don’t need to agree with them to realize they have reasons and the numbers of followers to justify their conduct.

Fan groups like the Marlians, Titians and The Free The Sheeple clan are springing up in homes, schools and across the country. Their members are our sisters and brothers. There’s a danger if we ignorantly ignore their relevance and see no reasons as to why they are fighting against the establishment and cultural norms.

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