Cardi B’s Gold Crib for Baby Kulture

The joy of motherhood is beyond measures. And if your mama is as rich and trendy has Cardi B, she will buy you the world. The Hip-Hop community is still extending congratulation messages to Cardi B and Offset on their first child, Kulture. The “Bodak Yellow” creator has been sharing images of her experiences as a mother but her latest takes us right into the baby’s bedroom by sharing her gold crib.

In the video she shared, Cardi displays the beautiful golden crib accented with white bedding.

“I didn’t want to set up the crib until we moved to our official home but Offset set it up while I was in the hospital and it’s just so gorgeous,” Cardi shared with her large following.

Cardi would go on to show a matching bassinet that was a gift to her both presumably from Pre who she tags in the post. Cardi has also shown the early portions of her motherhood journey including her daughter being a night owl.

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