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Charles Opurum Delivers The Best Social Commentary On Ku 92.7FM

Charles Opurum Delivers The Best Social Commentary On Ku 92.7FM

One of the criteria for every reputable radio station is the fact that the OAP that hosts their early morning show is usually someone very knowledgeable across the socio-political and entertainment spectrum. The presenter has to be entertaining, energetic and must possess an objective fact base judgment when it comes to analyses on politics, sport, and entertainment. Charles Opurum of KU 92.7FM Benin is one of those OAPs that deliver some of the best social commentaries every morning on the radio.

According to him, “I’m a huge radio buff who fell in love with radio in my 3rd year in school. I’ve always loved to make my voice heard. My journey into broadcasting started when some few friends of mine and myself put together a makeshift console in my friends’ off-campus apartment. After graduation and service, I practically volunteered to work for free as a guest sports analyst at Raypower FM Enugu. That was the start of a very exciting career.

Charles Opurum and Slow Dog

I passed my first audition and subsequently joined the newly formed Authority FM Nnewi (Authority FM was administered by the management of My Radio 101.1 FM Owerri) within which I grew and attained the position of Head of Programs. Initially, I started as a Sportscaster while undergoing broadcast training at My Radio 101.1 FM Owerri. However, the station manager there noticed my talent and penchant for political, current affairs and informative programs. He requested I join the breakfast show crew as their guest analyst and newspaper reviewer. That was how I began to hone my skills outside sports.

Charles Opurum and Orlando

After my training, I returned to Authority FM Nnewi and put my back into it. While doing my job, I was networking with colleagues in the industry, attending conferences and symposia. It was at one such conference in Illorin I met my contemporary Chika Agu who, impressed by my conversation, invited me to join KU 92.7FM Benin (a decision I’m glad I took)” – Charles. He started out handling the drive time show in the evening. Later, he was moved to handle the breakfast show (5:30 am – 11 am) alongside his co-host Orlando.

According to him, “Asides the breakfast show I also produce and present the Underground Top 10 Countdown every Saturday at 8 pm – 9 pm. It’s a program dedicated to the promotion of Up and Coming artists and is in a countdown format where I compare their songs from 1 to 10” – Charles. There’s no disputing the fact that Charles knows his onions, the broadcasting industry should be proud for having a talent like him.


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Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine Burna Boy Cover

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