“On the radio, I try to tell stories, I love a good story and I want
to tell as many stories as I can on air. I believe that if you create
an enabling environment, people will unravel”– @tshyka

Chika Agu / Bereal Photography / Mystreetz Magazine

It took quite some time to figure out why I enjoyed listening to radio
while out of Lagos. The different vibe you get listening to those OAPs
from other states in Nigeria is refreshing. That thick cloud of
sameness in accent, playlist and commentary from Lagos folks is
sometimes unbearable. Everything about these guys outside gidi is a
breath of fresh air. They come out so authentic. Chika Agu of K.U
92.7fm in Benin is one of those OAPs that are breathtaking.

‘I’m Chika Agu, born on the 25th of October in the early 90s (shout
out to all 90s babies) into a Catholic family in Oshodi, Lagos state
and the first of four Children.

‘A graduate of Agricultural Economics & Extension services from the
University of Benin, I found my way into broadcasting in my 4th year
when Raypower FM had just opened up in the city and my friend thought
I would make a great fit for the radio. I’d sent him a voice note on
one occasion and someone who overheard the voice asked him what
station he was listening to, when he told the person it was a voice
note from a friend and not a radio station, his friend, apparently
thinking he had heard a voice that was fit for radio, told him to tell
whoever sent him the voice note to consider a career in radio. Sure
enough I did try out, luckily they were auditioning for young talents
for a teen targeted radio show and I was given the part. Six years
down the line and I’ve had a journey that’s been a mix of pleasure and
frustration. (I’ll write about this someday).

‘Today, I host the drive time show on K.U 92.7FM in Benin City having
moved on from Raypower FM in September 2014 after two years with them
and have most recently, transitioned to television, the first season
of my most recent show “The 21 diaries” just finished airing on Africa
Magic Urban and hopefully the second season starts airing soon.

‘On the radio, I try to tell stories, I love a good story and I want
to tell as many stories as I can on air. I believe that if you create
an enabling environment, people will unravel. In this age where people
can get their music on demand and artificial intelligence and well
written algorithms can, with almost clinical precision, play you all
the music you love based on your mood and listening pattern, radio has
to find a way to survive and the only thing that, for the most part,
still hasn’t been replicated by science, is the human experience.
Everyone’s playing the same music as you, especially in a market where
there are multiple stations running one format, what sets a station
apart is what happens in between the songs on your playlist and that’s
why I try to put in my best effort with every link. If you love the
song I’ve just played, then you should love what I’m going to say
next. I really love what I do and if I had to do this all over again,
I’d only take more chances, but I wouldn’t do anything else

‘Off the radio, I love a good time. There aren’t really so many
musical concerts happening around town like you have in Lagos, but
there are so many bars and lounges and one can get really spoiled for
choice sometimes. So when I’m not bar hopping with friends, I’m at
home doing whatever I find appealing at the moment while drinking
alcohol. I keep a bottle at home at all times, I don’t understand
people who live in Nigeria and do not drink, how do you keep sanity
intact with all the madness around?

‘My personal playlist these days have songs by Meek Mill, Burna Boy
(the new album is fire), Wizkid, Davido, Niniola, Johnny Drille, Esbee
and a host of other cool guys on them. If you’re ever in Benin city,
say hello to me, I’ll be more than willing to show you around my

-Sesan Adeniji



  1. Jewel otis

    Wow… Thumbs up to chika agu,,⛄u just inspired me rn….streetzmag,ure doing a great job too,i stay in calabar&boredom sometimes cmes around to visit&in my curiosityi visited a frnds place& stumbled across one of ur editorials,i really savored d reading experience as it had content&juice… .do u still publish these magazines??if yeah,pls email moi……..oshe

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