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Chisom Kamsielo Delivers ‘Thrill’ Of A Lifetime On Beat 97.9FM Abuja

Chisom Kamsielo Delivers ‘Thrill’ Of A Lifetime On Beat 97.9FM Abuja

Whenever Chisom Kamsielo comes up on air daily with the code-name “Thrill” on her midday day program on the Beat 97.9FM Abuja, everywhere is agog with ecstasy. With energy so contagious, music-playlist so captivating, and interview session so airtight and entertaining, her presentation is so believable. Listening to her show is like a thrill of a lifetime.

An Alumna of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Chisom earned a degree in Science Education. She did a major in Biology to become a Biologist. But life had other plans to transform her into one of the best OAPs in Nigeria. “While I was in secondary school, I fell in love with the radio. Often, I listened to the defunct 105.5 Cosmo FM. I began to nurture the aspiration of being on the radio someday. But also, I want to study biology education and one day becomes a teacher. It was a whirlwind of emotions and confusion. But when I learned about the likes of JAJ Da Meccadon and Sydney Aneke, both from the Silverbird’s Rhythm network, knowing that both did not study mass communication and yet are iconic at their job, I opted to pursue my dream.” – she said.

However, she also added It’s been 7years (May 2014- Present) since I started my radio journey as a broadcaster. I have worked with Unizik 94.1FM Awka, worked part-time with the now-defunct Silverbird’s Rhythm 95.7FM Awka, Trend 100.9FM Asaba, and now working with one of the biggest radio station brands in Nigeria- The Beat 97.9FM Abuja. I currently present the ‘Midday Show ABJ’ weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm. It has been rated the 4th best radio show (Afternoon Belt) since 2019 and currently still in the top 10 (Ratings by the Media Planning Services MPS). The midday show has been a household name in Abuja since its inception in September 2018 for being an undeniable companion for everyone that tuned in to be entertained, informed, challenged, or wants to have a good time”.

In addition she said The Midday show is distinct because I make everyone believe that it is a zone where friends meet, chill and have a real good time every weekday. I have successfully created an atmosphere where I make them believe they could talk to me about anything cos I have become a part of their family. When a listener christened his first daughter ‘Thrill’, this made me understand that I am doing something way bigger than myself. Broadcasting has been a beautiful ride for me. So outside of being a darn good radio presenter, I am also a voice-over artist, content developer, and volunteer biology teacher at a government secondary school in Garki Abuja. I have found a way to keep my broadcasting and being a Biology teacher dream alive.”

Socials: Instagram – @thrillnonstop

Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine| Ugoccie’s edition

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Instagram – @sesanadeniji

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