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Davy Sage’s Song ‘Together’ Is Receiving Sky-High Ratings

Davy Sage’s Song ‘Together’ Is Receiving Sky-High Ratings

The new song from Nigerian-Canada based artiste Davy Sage titled ‘Together‘ is receiving sky-high ratings across the globe. With the world still struggling to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, while protesters and rioters in several cities in America are marching to demand police reforms to the killings of the black minority, listening to the song Together could heal all wounds.


Christened David Sanni, born and raised in Kwara State Nigeria where he lived for years before relocating to Canada, Davy Sage has devoted his time to release two EPs titled Waiting For You (2016), and Identity (2018).

He has also released music videos for songs like Good Feeling, Love Forever, High, Celebrate, and You Bad. “I’m presently working on my third EP due out for release in August 2020. My music is a mash-up of R&B with an undertone of dancehall.”

Personate about his music, Davy is leaving no stone unturned to achieve his goal of becoming one of the greats.

Together is a contemporary pop song with a mix of emotions and an uplifting vibe. It will brighten your day and make you appreciate the ones you love. We are in a moment that nothing matters more than standing together. We need love and empathy to reign. All across the world, we need to share a common goal for the human race. We need to stand together to achieve peace and love.


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Words by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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