Dammie Vee / Mystreetz Magazine

Demmie Vee / Mystreetz Magazine

If there’s one thing I have learn about artistes and the Nigerian music industry for the past decades, it’s the fact that no matter how congested the playlists in the country are, if an artiste has a good voice, great compositions, complete understanding on how to navigate trends without losing originality, a good team and can manage expectations efficiently, success is guaranteed and the artiste will top charts. Demmie Vee is one artiste who has the aforementioned attributes working out for him now. This artiste signed to HND (Hope Never Dies) Records
is all shades of legendary musicians in this country. In term of sound, he’s like a younger version of the iconic 9ice, legendary Tuface, plus a bit of Kiss Daniel all in one.

Minutes after listening to his songs ‘Yala Yolo’, ‘Awesome God’
featuring 2baba, ‘Love Me Tender’ among others, I was convinced that he’s going to be doing great things in this industry for years to come. This lad is talented. It took me less than a day to sit down with him for a conversation about his journey in the industry.

‘I have recorded a lot of songs. Plus or minus, I have over 200 songs recorded but officially dropped four songs. I dropped ‘Yala Yolo’ prior my departure to South Africa. We shot the video in South Africa as well. Let me break it down for everyone to understand my musical Journey.’ – Demmie Vee


Dammie Vie / Mystreetz Magazine

Demmie Vie / Mystreetz Magazine

‘I started music professionally in the year 2010. I was officially signed to HOPE NEVER DIES (HND) Records in the year 2014. The CEO of HND Records met me at a car wash where I usually perform in Oregun road, Ikeja. He wasn’t living in Nigeria then, so he gave me his business card after my performance to call him the next day. I made the call and set up a meeting. At that meeting, he asked me a lot about my career and what my plans are. I explained everything to him. After the conversation, he asked for a freestyle and that birthed the song ‘Yala Yolo’. That was in December 2014 precisely. By January 2015, he left the country but we kept communicating; every time we talked, he never ceased to encourage me. I remember his words then was “Demmie, don’t lose hope”, and my response to
him will be “Hope Never Dies”, because that was his slogan anytime he posts anything on Facebook.

‘By June 2015, he returned to Nigeria and asked I come see him. I met up and he told me I should pack my bags and head to South Africa with him to go improve my sound. I was shocked, so I asked him, “Sir are you for real?” He replied, yes. “You are going to South Africa because I am relocating and I want you to come along, learn and improve your craft.” October 2015, I relocated down to South Africa. One thing I learn from my boss (OWOMABO) was his zeal for success and how he never loses hope in whatever he is doing. No matter how many times he fails, he doesn’t give up until he succeeds. His favorite phrases are; “HOPE NEVER DIES”, “NO HOPE IS LOST”, “MAKE POVERTY HISTORY”, “DON’T LOOK DOWN ON ANY MAN UNLESS YOU’RE HELPING THEM UP”, etc.

On getting to South Africa, he said “Demmie, forget about promoting your music for one year. All I want you to do is wake up, eat and go into the studio to record. Record as many songs as possible. Let your sound be unique, infuse some South African vibes into your music. So when we relocate to Nigeria to push your music, anyone who listens to your songs won’t even see you as upcoming.”

‘I recorded about 200 songs in South Africa. Every A-list artiste that comes to South Africa from Nigeria has every tendency to meet with me because my boss owns a club called ‘New York Club’ (NYC) in Rivonia, Sandton, Jo’burg. Most artistes that come down often perform there. My first collaboration was with EMMY GEE of the “Rands and Naira” fame. I have a song with King Jay. Collaboration with Sarkodie is also in the pipeline. Tuface a.k.a 2baba is a close friend to my boss. One of those times he visited Johannesburg, my boss played some of my songs for him. He fell in love with the track “Awesome God” and he jumped on the song and recorded his part. It was swift; it was interesting to have a legend featured on my song. He has also featured on two other songs I am yet to release. I have also shot the video for Awesome God.
It’s been a long time coming for me, the hustle was real, I am the real definition of a rough diamond in a country where you have to make your own rules to have bread in your stomach on a daily basis. Being signed to Hope Never Dies Records is a true testimony that indeed there is light after darkness. I am ready for the music industry. It’s going to be a steady and consistent way to the top of the music charts.’ – Demmie Vee.

Sesan Adeniji

Culled from the latest edition of Mystreetz Magazine


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    This is good music…God bless this kid and grant him the mileage.

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