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Displeased Parents Create ‘R. Kelly Abuse Hotline’ For Accusers

Displeased Parents Create ‘R. Kelly Abuse Hotline’ For Accusers

Things could get worse for R-Kelly in the coming months.

The parents of R. Kelly’s alleged abuse victims are stepping up and taking action. Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage – the parents of Jocelyn Savage who have accused the singer of holding their daughter hostage – have reportedly created an “abuse hotline” for other victims who claim they have had unlawful interactions with Kelly.

The Savages have reportedly received in influx of at least 80 women or parents regarding allegations of abuse against Kelly, Mic Confirms. The hotline allows callers to leave a message, detailing their experience.

“One reason I feel that he’s been getting away with a lot of the allegations for the last two decades is because people feel he has money and power and they don’t have the resources to fight him,” Jonjelyn Savage said.

The Savages confirmed one of the victim callers was Faith Rodger, who filed a lawsuit against Kelly in May 2018, alleging that he “mentally, sexually, and verbally” abused her and infected her with herpes. “She was afraid to go to her parents and we treated her like she was our own daughter,” Timothy Savage said of his conversation with Rodgers. “We told her, ‘Go to the doctor, get tested and then once the test comes back, if you need us to help you talk to your parents, we will.’”

In addition to helping victims seek proper counseling, the Savages want to start building a case against Kelly so that he could possibly face legal action or consequences. Jonjelyn has reportedly been screening messages to filter out prank calls or calls from fans defending Kelly. After further review, she reaches out to those individuals to inquire about more details.

As previously reported, R. Kelly’s career has been plagued by allegations of sexual and physical abuse. BuzzFeed previously published a report in Feb. 2017, alleging that he was keeping several women against their will in his two homes in Chicago and Atlanta. The Savages have been at the forefront of the movement to shut Kelly’s alleged operation down. They have done several interviews, pleading for their daughter to come home as well as started campaigns to have R. Kelly questioned by the police. The Savages claim they haven’t seen their daughter since Dec. 2017.

“There’s no age limit on being mind-controlled, drugged, brainwashed, there’s no age limit on that,” Jonjelyn said. “So the more we have more young ladies or even men, or parents that are willing to speak out, the more we think it can help our daughter as well as helping other victims.”

For more information regarding the abuse hotline, check out the Instagram post below.

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