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Eazi Beatz Drops ‘Away’ On His Quest For Global Prominence

Eazi Beatz Drops ‘Away’ On His Quest For Global Prominence

Meticulously crafting his own story to stardom, Sobowale Sotunmbi a.k.a Eazi Beatz is another in the diaspora keeping the Nigerian flag flying as he continues to spread his Afrobeats tune. This producer cum performing artist is gathering listening audience in the UK vicinity, and to be sincere, the numbers are looking pretty good.

Words By Sesan Adeniji

Download Eazi Beatz “Away”Featuring Broda Olè

Describing his latest single titled “Away“,

“this is an upbeat song about how we all need to take a minute and appreciate all the people around us, the things we have, and the blessings we have received. It’s always worth taking a moment to be thankful, and to appreciate everything that we have. – Eazi

With this song available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms, Eazi Beatz previous works includes a 2016 collaborative album project entitled G.A.M.E. (Good African Music Everyday), which is a progressive infusion of the Afrobeats and Hip Hop genre. He is currently working on a yet untitled solo album.

As a producer, his influences is deep-rooted in Kanye West’s philosophy while as a performing artist, he’s a die-hard fan of Notorious B.I.G and Kendric Lamar –

their play on words and their disregard for the “standard” bar – rhyme formation is just amazing, listening to them is like a shot of adrenaline to the chest. With Kanye, I love the way he uses unconventional methods in shaping his music through sampling, and how he challenges the status quo every time he releases a project”.

According to him, when “Encore” dropped, it was a hit in the South UK and the States with over 13k streams in the first 2 weeks.



“I am currently performing at shows around the southwest and also working on series of project. There’s more to come from me” – Eazi Beatz


Twitter: @eazibeatz

Instagram: @eazibeatz

Facebook: @eazibeatz



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