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Edem’s ‘MOODSWINGS’ EP – A Reflection Of The Auras Of A Musical Genius

Edem’s ‘MOODSWINGS’ EP – A Reflection Of The Auras Of A Musical Genius

As the world battles with the fast-changing phases of a disruptive pandemic, Ghanaian rap impresario Edem is not fazed by the ongoing meltdowns. Instead, he defied the odds by announcing he will release a new EP titled MoodSwings on the 24th of July – a body of work reflective of all the shades and auras of a musical genius. The EP walks fans through the various swings of his moods. The 6-track collection is both a tribute and an ode to his late mother. 

Edem, who mainly delivers his bars through the local Ghanaian Ewe dialect, shared an unbreakable bond with his late mother leading to this deep expression appreciation captured track by track on the EP. The songs lay bare with lessons and anecdotal wisdom implanted in his life journey.

Explaining the album, the brilliant musician drew a clear line connecting these values from his mum to his career and life. Each mood is indicative of a chosen color that also helps him remember how he dealt with each situation differently. “The album MoodSwings is representative of the various spaces I find myself creatively as an artist and the various emotions that I find myself carrying at every point in time through my creativity.” He said. 

The Nyedzilo General comes hard on the EP with his signature hip-hop flow and then dovetails into vibey afrobeats rhythms that will surely transport your ears to another space. Beautifully representing each mood with a color, the EP features songs like Love You, KpoMoneyEfo Kojo, Ghana, and Chidi that colorfully come together as a celebration of impact.  

When asked which of the songs resonates with the teachings of his late mum, Edem responded, – “Each one of them because my mum did not say that a particular thing was or is what works in life. She said it is all the colors that come together to get you to see the rainbow.”

All over the world, you can click to connect and explore the musical rainbow in an EP called MoodSwings on all digital music platforms. 

Click here to Pre-order – https://ditto.fm/edem_moodswings

Socials – Instagram – @iamedemgh – Twitter – @iamedem

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo: Instagram & Twitter – @TillyAkuaNipaa

Story proofread and Posted Sesan Adeniji: Instagram & Twitter@sesanadeniji

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