Emily and The two sides of a loyal girl

Emily and The two sides of a loyal girl


emily/ Mystreetz magazine

The two sides of a loyal girl

She was brought up to respect family values from her tender age. She’s the one in the kitchen when her brothers are playing games. She’s the wife that must respect her in-laws even at her own detriment, but don’t get it twisted, if you don’t appreciate all she’s putting in to save face just to respect norms that are stealing her freedom and pressurizing her unnecessarily, you will wake up one day to realize she’s also got a gangster in her.
She’s not a slave.

emily / James Jola studio

emily / James Jola studio

Photographed by Tumilad photography- @tumiladphotography



(Model and Make-Up Artists)

C.E.O Honeyzmakeover


Height: 5’10

Burst: 34

Hip: 36

Waist: 26


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