‘In an industry driven by what’s trending, flooded by mediocrity and judged by the same groups of ignoramuses all over the social media sphere, it’s harder for an artiste with something new, fresh and different from what is in vogue to survive but Falz has become an exception. Suffice it to say that something obviously worked for Falz in his quest to get attention and admittedly his background had, as far as I am concerned, little or nothing to do with that. Consistency worked for him when the attention was minimal or totally nonexistent; it was time to strengthen his resolve in order to achieve his dreams. Beyond that too, those early days proved the fact that the artiste was not a fluke but one who is sure of what he’s got. And in due time we were compelled to pay just a little attention and true to type we began to see something in the artiste as he steadily won our love. The truth is that Falz may not be the typical rap star, but we can all agree that he has a way with words and his mastery in weaving punch lines with mind blowing wit and comedy is something that is fast becoming a trademark which has become a niche for him to gracefully ease into. He is fast warming his way into hearts and there is no telling how far he can get. He has shown incredible flair and ability as a songwriter, lyricist, singer, comedian, actor and whatever else there is that is yet to come to light. But the most unsettling thing about all these is that he has an uncanny way of blending all of this into his materials and get away with it. Falz is heading in a direction that will make him one of the greats in the Nigerian music scene. He’s gradually conquering more grounds and increasing his stock in the industry. He’s in a league of his own’. – In the words of the Sesan Adeniji, Publisher of Mystreetz Magazine This edition is a must read. Cover Photography by August Udoh, Styled by Jekwu The Stylist.

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