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Gender disparity in the Nigerian music industry go way back. The inabilities of indie labels to successfully find a balance in how to manage female artists considering their unique demands, arguably has resulted in the exit of a huge numbers of these entertainers. The unsubstantiated notion that ‘female artists suddenly dumps their career that has been heavily invested on all because they fell in love, want to start family and making babies’, drove several investors from investing on more female artists.

But how I wish we could learn from the western world; the new phases for these ladies can be integrated into the business plan to attract more leverage and make more money. The Cardi B, Beyoncé, Jennnifer Lopez and the Ciara’s of this world are wife, mother and career women. But I guess as a country, we aren’t at that junction yet. They are too many phonies and crybabies on social media ready to tear down any move by a married woman. If she’s married, they think she can’t live her life no more. Bonkers, I guess this is another topic for another day.

Angelica – Kingsley Ogoro Records. Photographed by Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Despite all that I have said earlier, over the years, the Nigerian music industry has welcome some very unique female artists that passed through the industry singing their songs as they leave deeper imprint in the heart of pop culture aficionados. Kudos to all the records labels that spent hard earned money to give these ladies an opportunity to heard. One of the lucky ones is Uche Munonye popularly known as Angelica. The gorgeous versatile artist who started her career in 2002 and later signed to Kingsley Ogoro Records struck a chord in the heart of so many fans with her 2006 debut single ‘My Naija Guy’.

Her fifteen track album titled ‘My Naija Guy’ boasts of great songs like ‘, ‘Together Forever’, Don’t Wanna Dance, Gizzy – Gizzy (A love song) and ‘Where’s the Love’ (An emotional ballad to address the plight of children in Africa). Angelica once worked in the studio with the likes of Big-Lo and Blackky. In her heydays, she shared stage with Akon, Sammie Okposo, Alariwo and Sasha. She performed at Ray-Power Mega Jam, Felabration, A Night Of A Thousand Laugh, and also tour five cities in America. She was a featured rap artist in SirKay’s (Kingsley Ogoro) pop single ‘Na Watin . There’s just so much to learn and say about this lady, that’s the major reason why I’m on the quest for finding Angelica.

Words by Sesan Adeniji


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