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George Clooney Hospitalized

George Clooney Hospitalized

He’s one of the most loved men on planet earth; any news such as this about him will make prime-time. George Clooney has reportedly been hospitalized after his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck in Sardinia. The 57-year-old Oscar winner was taken to hospital after the incident, but he is not believed to be in a serious condition.

Clooney is currently filming TV drama Catch 22 on the Mediterranean island. He was reportedly travelling to set when a car hit the bike that he was riding. Photos published on social media show Clooney’s black scooter lying on one side of the road, with a dark blue estate car facing the other way.

The accident is believed to have taken place near Costa Corallina, in the province of Olbia.

The driver of the car is believed to have helped Clooney while waiting for the ambulance.

The actor received treatment at John Paul II hospital, but NBC News claim that he has since been discharged. According to local media, a CT scan revealed suspected trauma to his pelvis, and slight trauma to one knee. He also suffered bruises to one arm and knee.

The latest scrape comes after a 2007 motorcycle that saw Clooney suffering a broken rib after a car clipped his bike on a road that crosses the Hudson River in New York.

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