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Harvey Weinstein Wants Rape Cases Dismissed

Harvey Weinstein Wants Rape Cases Dismissed

If there’s one major victory the #metoo movement accomplished thus far, it’s the knockout of Harvey. Although the case is still in court, but the noise of victory from victims can be heard from far and wide.

As reported today, Harvey Weinstein says there are around 40 messages that will indicate he didn’t assault one of his victims.

Weinstein’s attorneys just documented legitimate docs saying the messages demonstrates that the victim was not raped, yet rather involved in a consensual relationship with him. We’re told the 40 messages were sent soon after the asserted assault, and the messages display a photo of a lady who was showing him affection.

We’re told Weinstein did not utilize an individual email, but instead one from The Weinstein Company and, when he was let go, the organization wouldn’t give him access to the record. His lawyer obtained access, yet the liquidation judge issued a defensive request forbidding them from scattering the messages.

Weinstein’s legal advisors presently need authorization to utilize the messages to try to get the indictment dismissed, on grounds the Manhattan D.A. knew about the messages yet never displayed them to the grand jury that arraigned Weinstein. His legal counselors say that adds up to unfortunate behavior, inability to show critical confirmation, and warrants rejection of the arraignment.

These messages only pertain to one of the three accusers.


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