Illbliss releases new song titled ‘It Is God’. It’s a tale of the oppressed | MyStreetz Magazine Illbliss releases new song titled ‘It Is God’. It’s a tale of the oppressed – MyStreetz Magazine

Illbliss releases new song titled ‘It Is God’. It’s a tale of the oppressed

Illbliss releases new song titled ‘It Is God’. It’s a tale of the oppressed

“Last Night, #Sars had guns to my head, lying on the coal tar next to my manager! What the f**k is going on? They are searching us for Tramadol and related document…wire wire..” – lines from the song.

Unequivocally, this is a classic Hip-hop song reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s. Those are days when the major element of hip-hop was conscious messaging about the reality in the society. Music was the only unadulterated weapon to fight the negligence by government and the epidemics in the society. It’s sad how most artistes from all genres have failed in this regard.

The story behind ‘It Is God’ was not a true event that happened to Illbliss, but it’s the true #storyline of what is happening day in day out in Nigeria.

“This was narrative from two of my close friends plus my manager. This tale needed to be told to million of Nigerians. It’s in solidarity with victims; we know what you are going through”- Illbliss

“Four days ago, I was going through my soon to be release LP; listening to all the song over again, I decided I make a record about this issue as a conscious song for the album. I recorded on the 30th of July. The day after, on my way home, I tweeted some lines from the song, boom, the Internet exploded. #errbody was trying to reach out to get the entire story. On the 1st of August, I put the song out’ – Illbliss concluded his story to Mystreetz magazine.

Listen to the song

Illbliss – It Is God


Lyrics of ‘It Is God’

They don’t care about Us

If we live

If we die

If we eat

If we Starve

If we see another Day  it is GOD

IF we walk another step it is God

It is GOD our GOD

If we make this year it is God

If you get home today it is God


Verse 1

Where do I begin?

The crisis upon Us

End of the day Imana CHUKWU Still got us! Oh how leadership watch as they hurt us! Lazy NIGERIAN youth dats what they label us! Speak for the millions, hundreds of millions, who don’t own a voice so they wallowing in silence! Senseless violence! Bomb blasts going off! Christians persecuted burnt down our churches!Christians massacred blood on the coat of arms! Blood on the green and white flag they say pack a bag and relocate your family! There’s nothing more left for us/ funny how the oil then became a gift and a curse/




Verse 2

Last night Sars had guns to my head/ lying on the coal tar next to my manager/ what the fuck is going on ? They searching us for tramadol and G related documents/ wire wire components/ going through my phone book, scroll through my messages violate my every single fundamental human right/ … you dey lucky if you make it thru the fucking night! SARS been extorting us! The Police is hunting Us! What if My hair gold and my chains bold? You found nothing on us what the fk was the crime? Can’t a young man make clean money any more? Can’t a young G pull up in a sick whip with dope leather seats/ nice gear plus fresh kicks/ yet the government protects the Criminal police and the citizens in danger! Herdsmen graze carry Aks! Automatic weaponry! Presidential foolery!


This is not a country/ they run it like a company! They run it like a corporation, 36 branches, move money in tranches/  buy ranches offshore / politicians secure seeds in Ivy League schools Back home lecturers be downing tools! Nothing still worksDonTgive two fucks when a man is broke and hungry the crime rate shoot up, dollar rate shoot up, inflation shoot up/ some loony might run up in the senate and shoot up! And RochAs commissioning more dumb statues!

Kids growing up with G boys for role models! You failed us you traded us in for personal gains and profit








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