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Imaobong Osung – In Pursuit Of A Career In Modeling

Imaobong Osung – In Pursuit Of A Career In Modeling

With the continuous meteoric growth of the Nigerian fashion and the music industry, the demand for models to walk the runway, take roles in music videos and as well in TV commercials is at an all-time high. Models like Imaobong Uwem Osung are some of the potentials in that industry. This 5:10 inches tall, burst: 29 and waist: 24, popularly called Del.ima, is in pursuit of a successful career as a commercial model. I once had a chat with her.

As she walks towards me, her slim curvy shape and infectious smile are reminiscent of some of the top models I have seen in the fashion magazines. She started talking, “I’ve got a year left to graduate from the University of Benin – department of banking and finance. My career as a model started while I was quite young. I had so much love for the runway, most times when I see models on the billboards, I so desperately knew that this is exactly what I wanted to become. The elegance with which they carried themselves is overwhelming.

As time passes, I joined the industry. I became a muse for all the photographers that ever wanted to shoot me. With each photo, I began to see myself like what I wanted to become. As much as I was desperate to be in the big league, I knew being patience was a needed virtue.

As a freelancer, I have worked with a couple of brands within my immediate environs. So far, the journey to greatness has been quite adventurous and mind-blowing. Shout out to all the photographers that have given me an opportunity to be seen, and as well, many thanks to my manager Jude-king. This year, I look forward to walking the runway for a top fashion brand and as well, become a lead actor in some of the top music videos and TV commercials” – Del.ima


Instagram – @del.ima

Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine Burna Boy edition

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji


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