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Immaculate’s open letter

Immaculate’s open letter


My name is Immaculate Patience Olotureh Edache popularly known by my stage name IMMACULATE, born on the 31st of October. I hail from Benue state Nigeria (Idoma to be precise). I am the last child of 6 siblings. I grew up in the urban part of Lagos state; I attended Blessed Trinity Nursery and Primary School Kirikiri, Levites academy, Egbeda and a graduate of Mass Communication from Benue state University.

Growing up as Immaculate wasn’t easy. I taught myself the “art” of hustling. I can remember when I was in secondary school, I used to take two days off to work in the studio and do backups for various artistes who appreciated my voice. I knew I had to do music. It got me through every situation in life. It’s basically the only thing I’m so passionate about.
I started singing at an early age. I started like everybody in the bathroom, and God gave me the grace to harness my skills and so here I am on your television screens, killing every show and disturbing the neighborhood.
Immaculate is very friendly, always bubbly. I enjoy playing football and swimming. Another thing I’m passionate about is giving back to the society. It gives me great pleasure to give back to the society, I’m currently an ambassador for the Walk Against Rape campaign, I was an Ambassador for the sickle cell campaign, just to name a few. I love to support my supporters and giving back is one of the ways I can touch lives and make the world a better place.

The brand IMMACULATE kicked off officially after MTN project fame 6.0. It was the door to this wonderful career I have, and God so kind, a man with ears, eyes and a heart that’s all about music, the best of the best, the legendary producer TeeYMIX signed me up to VIVACE RECORDS. And it’s been blessings upon blessings.
The Nigerian music industry is large but yet very small. In this industry, the theory of natural selection is key, “only the strong shall survive” because trust me, you’ll have experiences that will throw you off guard. The music industry is growing, raw talents coming up everyday, but there’s only room for a few. Hence I term it very “cliché”, everybody is doing almost the same thing, (no pun intended) and when you try to spread across, break free from the norm, you get back lashed, or shoved aside. Kudos to those who have successfully done it, you inspire me.
Being in the Nigerian music industry has taught me a lot of patience and perseverance. Truth is from my perspective we all wear a “Masquerade” nothing is what it seems. Challenges from TV stations, radio stations, and blogs in fact my experience so far is humbling. The hustle continues. I am not there yet until I’m bigger than 2baba. Pardon me but my standards are high and by God’s grace I will definitely get there.
I love the Nigerian music industry, but sometimes the massive support of low standards of music is disheartening and very shocking and I just wish we could raise the bars higher than what it is today. The hustle never stops in the industry. Everybody is thirsty and hungry for fame; I have sleepless nights, writing songs, harmonizing, basically giving it my all. And so far I will say I am happy to be where I am against all odds. I will keep pushing through until I burst through your speakers (lyricist mode) lol.
Once again, I can’t complain, gradually climbing through the ladder of fame. I am always grateful to God, family, good friends and my #gogobaby fans. Keep believing in me, I will continue to do my best.

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