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Jojo – ‘The Radio Excitement Booster’ On Urban 96.5FM

Jojo – ‘The Radio Excitement Booster’ On Urban 96.5FM

The hustle and bustle of living in Lagos are hectic. But most Lagosians who end up feeling tired every evening due to the various energy-sapping activities like being held for hours in traffic congestion have found a way to get back their mojo. They listen to Jojo on Urban 96.5FM from 6 pm – 9 pm on weekdays. Fans tune in and get pumped up. With her unfiltered entertaining analysis and a to die for music-playlist, Jojo is the radio excitement booster.

Christened Josephine Odion Amiegbe, a native of Edo state, alumni of the University Of Benin, studied Sociology and Anthropology – Jojo is a whole bunch of entertainment on the radio. Like having a sugar rush, she gets her audience hyped-up. Positively, she always leaves a footprint on her listeners. The host of Traffic The Urban Drive, weekdays from 6 – 9 pm, and Touchdown 10 (a show about new music that dropped over the weekend) Monday nights at 9, Jojo is holding the audience spellbound.

“My journey into broadcasting was an interesting one. As a kid, my Dad would tune to BBC Network Africa in the mornings before school and Voice of America in the evenings. The role the Nigeria power holding company plays in my journey was also significant. Considering that we hardly ever had electricity, battery-powered radio sets were the only other means of entertainment at home. Growing up, I often wonder who are those voices coming from the electric box? They seemed to know everything, with great music and funny speech bands, and catchy jingles. I aspired to become one of them.

Fresh out of secondary school, I said, I think I want to work on the radio. Some people laughed, but my twin brother Joseph was optimistic and supportive. He reminded me of this a few years ago, and I am happy he believed in me, and he is proud of me. Getting my first radio job was not beans. I remember in Uni trying to get a job at Silverbird Benin when I learned they were in the city. The very first time I tried to get a job, I went with my friend Efe – he was always advising me to give it a try. I did knock, but the security guard was very dismissive. My second trial at the radio, I was asked to read the news – I messed up ALL – the Bini names in the report, so yeah, I did not get the job.

To cut the story short, in 2012, I got my first job with Raypower 105.5 FM. Eventually; I decided I needed to move on. I went on to do some independent gigs in Benin City. But, soon as I relocated to Lagos in late 2014, my friend Lolu (yes, BBNaija Lolu, we have been friends for ages) told me there was an opening in Beat 97.9 FM Ibadan. I tried my luck, and in January 2015, I packed my bags and went on to work there for 5-years. Fast forward to 2020, I was already missing Lagos, and fortunately, the opportunity to come back came to work with Urban 96.5 FM, and I have been with the team since May 2020. – Jojo

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Story Culled from the latest Mystreetz Magazine – DOTTi (Winner Of MTN Y’ello Star) edition

Story By Sesan Adeniji – Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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