Well, Chidinma is quite reserved, would pick being with family over hanging out, loves the colour black and would eat amala and efo riro all the days of my life” – Chidinma

Chidinma is like that distinct brand you can’t pass by without saying something. Whether she divides opinions or not, she’s so compelling and unique just like the talent she exhibits. If there are, they must be a handful of artistes who are vocally technically gifted that can jump on various genres of music and still hold their own like Chidinma usually does effortlessly. She’s one artiste that her success as the 2010 MTN Project Fame winner was just a tip of the iceberg. Over the years, her various deliveries on her personal songs and those featured on are testament to how gifted this young lady is but all of the good things she embodies are the reasons why her fans expect so much from her. The expectations from her fans are terrestrial; the bars constantly used to judge her are unbelievable. For me, that a good thing, it shows she’s highly respected.

Chidinma/Ty Bello/Mystreetz magazine

Chidinma/Ty Bello/Mystreetz magazine

To paint a picture of everything being rosy for Chidinma over the years will be sacrilege. Just like everyone, she’s experienced her learning curve but despite the struggles she might have encountered in life, her head has always been above water. In a system slightly sexist, where double standards are synonymous to how hardworking women are judged; in an industry where record labels are struggling to understand the best way to deal with female artistes, Chidinma has weathered the storm by releasing some of the best songs by a female. From Kedike, Jankoliko to Emi Ni Baller, her catalogue is impressive.


It’s no more news that Chidinma is no longer with Capital Hill, she left after her deal expired. If you are a fan, you will also know that it’s no more news that she just put out a new single titled Fallen In Love produced by ace producer; Masterkraft. On the way back to Lagos after attending Star Music The Trek in Calabar, where she also performed, we flew together and she promised she will find time for me to grant her an interview.

Chidinma/Ty Bello/Mystreetz magazine

Chidinma/Ty Bello/Mystreetz magazine,

How is the journey so far?

I must say that it’s been quite a journey since Project Fame, from singing in a church choir straight into professional singing, that was initially tasking but then It became fun. I’ve worked with quite a number of people and also had to try different sounds in the process. I learnt a lot from every stage performance and generally just enjoyed making music.

How will you define your sound?

Afro pop.

Tell us about your contract with Capital Hill Music?

I got a contract in 2011 that expired in 2016 and I’m signed to no one right now.

Let us into the world of Chidinma outside the spotlight?

Well, Chidinma is quite reserved, would pick being with family over hanging out, loves the colour black and would eat amala and efo riro all the days of my life.

Talk about the new single?

‘Fallen in Love’ was produced by Mastercraft, more songs and visuals in 2017.

What is the deal with your new look?

I had to come up with something different from my usual low cut but also not so far from it, something people would not see coming, I love to be natural and African. The threaded hair can be daring but I enjoy being myself and being different.

Talk about females in the music industry?

I think gone are those days when everything is being handed to the men in the industry, the story has changed from what it used to be. It’s so good to see that the women are now getting as much endorsements, making as much music, doing as much collaborations and stage performances as the men and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Culled from Mystreetz Magazine Harrysong Edition

Photography – Ty Bello

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