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Layydoe Will Hold You Spellbound On The Cover Of Mystreetz Magazine

Layydoe Will Hold You Spellbound On The Cover Of Mystreetz Magazine

Everywhere in the world including Nigeria, cover editorial of the best mainstream music magazines is often dominated by the news of how A-list musicians are entertaining their legion of fans locally, and as well with their exploits across the international market. But one does not need rocket science to know that every year, they are always news of new artists waiting in the wings, gearing up to break into the spotlight and compete for honors with the top dogs. For every male artist like Bella Shmurda, there’s a female like Layydoe among those fearsome unknown quantities.

She ‘Layydoe’ is bristling with the most revered music talent in the country. Even though the name might not resonate with some quarters of the industry as of today, she’s been pen down by most music pundits to become one of the breakout stars for the year 2020. If the management of her talent and distribution of her music goes as smoothly as projected, it won’t take long for Layydoe’s name to reverberate in the international music arena.

The first time I saw Layydoe on stage, her savvy flow and energetic presence are contagious. There’s something about her performances that always hold the audience spellbound. Ragga vocalist with faultless precision when she’s singing, her cadence is reminiscent of some of the best artists topping charts on the billboard. I have worked with several musicians during concerts and club activations but only a few are ever ready for performances at any hour of the day or night like Layydoe does. The rare honor to be classified as a powerhouse vocalist that can sing R&B songs is only a privilege for a handful; Layydoe can do this and also more. She can sing in Jamaican patois fluently. Once known with the moniker PoshkayanaLayydoe is in a league of her own. Her musical journey started in Port Harcourt city – the same town where Burna Boy – the Grammy Award and Brit Awards 2020 nominee started. Then as Poshkayana, she came to the consciousness of music aficionados with the release of the single titled Blackberry featuring Duncan Mighty.

Layydoe’s musical journey is nothing short of incredible. For the past eight years, she has evolved to become of the best around the blocks. In an industry dominated by men both on stage and behind the management desk of the record labels, patiently, she waited and weighed her options to see who was best to take her career to the world stage. Still in the pursuit of musical happiness and fulfillment, in 2016, she pitched her tent to sign with Bad Dog Entertainment – a record label owned by veteran music video director Paul Gambit. Her debut single as a signee was titled Mashup, released late 2016.

Download Mashup

The video to that song was premiered in February 2017. That single had everyone in the industry making inquiries on her. Like a moving train, Layydoe did not rest on her laurels. She followed up with other tuneful singles titled Sweet, Makeya, and Killerman.

For all the music industry Librarians who dedicate their life to chronicling the Nigerian music industry, they will agree with me that one of the key success elements of Burna Boy’s Afrobeats is his intervolving of Yoruba dialect with Pidgin English to form his interesting Jamaican patois sound. Layydoe could be on the verge of doing the same with a sprinkle of Hausa to hers.

Christened Chinenye Oguledo, Layydoe alias Fire Craker, energy goddess hails from Imo State, Nigeria. In an industry filled with sameness, and artists that will jump on any genre for quick bucks, Layydoe has stayed true to her game. According to her, “my journey so far in the industry has been very challenging but promising as well and it has also really evolved. I have been opened to several new experiences in music and promotion wise – to be sincere, it has helped me to an extent, especially with my brand of Afro – dancehall, a fusion of Nigerian and Jamaican vibe, which happens to be a rare genre for a girl in the industry” – Layydoe. Brick by brick, this lady has carved a niche for herself. When she released the single Manyia’ is a fusion of house-music laced with pop fusion delivered with Hausa lingo and dancehall vibe, she stunned everyone.

Download Manyia

As one of the best female dancehall artists in the industry today, she’s attracting features from her colleague. She did an incredible job as a featured artist on Soti’s single Oliver released in August 2019.

In December of last year, she released another single titled Ma Sobe – the single further gives credence to why she’s been rated as one of the stars for 2020.

They say all work and no play make Jack a dull boy; Layddoe has other things she does to chill out. According to her, “If I’m not doing music, I like dancing a lot, reading and sometimes watching movies. My favorite meal that I love cooking is Okro Soup” – Layydoe

Which song of another artist would you have loved to record?

Answer -The song from the other artist I would have loved to be the one that recorded is “jealous” by Fireboy DML. I loved his delivery.

Name the artist you will love to collaborate with?

Answer – Burna Boy

What your dream vacation spot?

Answer – Miami

What is it that you enjoy most about life?

Answer – What I enjoy most about life is the fact that it’s the greatest teacher. The more you understand life, the longer you live and the more inspirations you will have.


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