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LERIQ’S ‘The Lost Sounds’ One of best album of 2015

LERIQ’S ‘The Lost Sounds’ One of best album of 2015

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Streets well fed
Thorough, I’m well bred
Success is the cologne and I know it, it smells fresh!

– ‘Smell of Success’ by Leriq featuring Show Dem Camp, Sute, Tay.

I’ve always been a big fan of Music Producer Leriq, especially ever since I noticed his frequent collaborations with OluwaBurnaboi. He is eclectic in sound, almost experimental. Then I heard the jam by Leriq himself on ‘Comment Tu T’appelle’ featuring Burna Boy, Dammy Krane, Mojeed and Ozone. It had a unique sound, not aspiring to sound like anything else, just comfortable being in whatever genre it found itself. Then I watched the video and it had me feeling some type of way (romantically speaking hehe). So I got hooked and did some more digging on the quiet and unassuming Music Producer; imagine my delight to find out that ‘Comment Tu T’appelle’ was one of several singles that was scheduled to drop from Leriq’s highly anticipated album titled ‘The Lost Sounds’. Oh I kept close tabs on this sound maker, but at some point it skipped my mind in the hustle and bustle of day to day living. It wasn’t until my Editor called me requesting something on Leriq’s
‘The Lost Sounds’ album that it dawned on me that I was coming late to the party – the exclusive committee of music lovers going on a musical adventure to wherever Leriq was planning on taking us. Something was lost, and Leriq was determined to reveal to us this hidden treasure.

I quickly sought out a copy of his album and listened to it. I listened to it cover to cover, back to back, like a junkie desperate to get his fix, and I must tell you, Leriq is on to something. What a journey that was. ‘Answers’ featuring 2face Idibia is a contemplative piece of music that gets you waxing philosophical as the song asks rhetorical questions and talks on life’s many issues, while ‘Aunty’ featuring Timaya is a playful party groove that gets you bumping your head and taking multiple shots of Cognac before you even notice. The tempo slows down a little more in ‘Wish List’ featuring Wande Coal, in which he promises to fulfil all the wishes of his woman, while doing naughty things to her body in the process. ‘Smell of Success’ is a track for all the hustlers and paper chasers. I’d say it’s something the average underdog can relate with, as it inspires you to go stacking more papers, It’s basically a song that paints an image that is
larger than life. I particularly loved ‘Stand Still’ featuring Nneka, the performance was spasmic and rapturous; I got to see some vintage Nneka in action with the experimental Leriq. ‘Xtasy’ shows me a side of Seyi Shay I’ve never seen before. This is one of my personal favorites on ‘The Lost Sounds’, its naughty and raunchy. My best part is where Seyi Shay goes: ‘So we goin’ get high, imma get low/Find me, Nemo/I’m cold nigga Subzero/My cape on, your hero.’ And then I listened to the high tempo ‘Turn Up’ featuring Burna Boy and Phyno, and the more slow and sensual ‘Say You Love Me’ featuring Wizkid; all in all I’d say that Leriq’s ‘The Lost Sounds’ is a delicious cocktail of a variety of sweet sounding melodies designed to drive you delirious with pleasure. I see you Seyi Shay, I’m ecstatic over this. All in all, my eardrums are strung out, so I’m left with only one course of action; to inform the public of this latest development. I’m like an
escaped psychiatric patient from the mental asylum of lost sounds.


Extracted from Mystreetz magazine

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