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Manolospanky – The Quintessential Hype man

Manolospanky – The Quintessential Hype man

Easy on the eyes and sleek like a race car, this lad is cool, calm and also embodies the gravitas of some C.E.Os in Silicon Valley. Patrick Osewingie Osagie alias Manolospanky is one of the most loved and respected hype men in Nigeria. Ironically, some of his stagecraft attributes are remindful of iconic hype man like Flavor Flav. Whenever Manolospanky mounts the stage, his energetic performance is eye-catchy and contagious. No hype man does the job so stylishly like him.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

He once told me that Ben Foster one of the icons of the hype man industry inspired him to chase the career. “Professionally, it was in 2009 that I held the microphone for the first time to perform as a hype man. That was at an event at G12 Bar, at Oniru Lagos. That was the first opportunity that made everything right. Although nerve-wracking, but somehow, I held my own. Since then, it has been an upward climb for me”- Manolospanky

In 2009, then a student of Benson Idahosa University in Benin City, he noticed there was a void in the industry that needed a hype man to fix. With keen alacrity, he took the challenge to become one of the first in that town. Performing at different events, from Lynx Nightclub to Indigo Nightclub, Manolospanky became a household name. So much so that he started getting bookings from Lagos.

With his career on the rise, he connected with exemplary show promoter Mathew Ohio to become the hype man for Industry Nite. That was the turning point that took him to eldorado. Despite previously standing in as hype man for artists like Naeto C, Sauce Kid, and Rayce, it was his Industry Nite performance that became the springboard. Now he’s among the best in the game.

“It has been a great journey for me as a hype man. I love this job. The passion is absolute. For me, I will like to say the industry is great but one needs to exercise. That is a needed criterion. Things are not as easy as it looks from the outside. I know the flashy lifestyle that comes with the territory is appealing but one needs to have grits to be able to have a sustainable career.

About six years ago, I could not have realized that I would have to be this patient to get my career rolling. I thought things would be swift but that’s not the way it works in the hype man industry. The idea of fast money and fast cars doesn’t apply here. One will need to work his or her way up gradually, diligently and be good to those that support you on the way up. Don’t ever look down on them. The prospect is huge but one has to take things one step at a time.

I have paid my dues but I am smart to acknowledge that one needs to continue to learn and evolve. Things are working perfectly for me these days. I’m among the list of the most sought-after hype men in Nigeria. I’m so grateful to God for being recognized as one of the best. Shout out to Diageo / Guinness for flying me out to the UK as arguably the first influencer hype man on their football activation. Also, I’m a lover of fashion, so my audience should look out for my Balanga Fashion collection. I also plan to start a podcast” – Manolospanky

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  1. Maureen

    No one does it like Manolospanky! I love his fashion sense!!!

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