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Mary Attah Azuzu’s Ambitious modelling plans

Mary Attah Azuzu’s Ambitious modelling plans

Skepticism is not in this lady’s playbook. When it comes to her aspirations, she’s operating from an extraterrestrial realm. Her ambitious modeling plans are nothing short of extraordinary. Standing 5feet 11inches, with waist 24, bust 32, and hips 35, although a newbie in the industry, Mary Attah Azuzu is ready to move mountains and pull down walls until she becomes one of the most revered models from Nigeria. I had a conversation with her recently.

‘I’m a year one student of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma studying Physical and Health education. I’m From Dekina Local Government Area Kogi state. I’m known more as Kira Attah. As an admirer of models on magazines covers and billboards, my desire to become a model started from my high school days. Professionally, my career began in 2017. I worked with House Of Khyla and in October 2017 I got scouted and signed by Gemian Model Management through the academy. Three days after being scouted I was selected as one of the finalists for Nigeria’s Next Super Model 2017 where I came out 4th. This was a major for me.  On February 2018, I walked For Evol Fashion after being on the campaign ad for the show.

This Year I’ve worked with brands like Emmanuel King, Bereal Photography, Brushnblush, Humphrey Ominisan and Jonochi. This year I plan on coming out full time. I’d really love to walk for Africa Fashion Week, GT fashion Weekend, Lagos Fashion Week, Lagos Urban Fashion Show, and work with brands like The FIA Factory, Julia McDonald, Andrea Iyamah and Orange Culture.
Next year, I’m definitely positive I’d work for Arise Fashion Week,
Lagos Leather Fair, Fashion Finest, London Fashion Week, Victoria Secrets
and Milan Fashion Week. Oh yes, I’m going to work hard enough. My role model is my elder sister Phina Attah-Azuzu. She’s a strong lady and very supportive of everything that concerns me. She’s hardworking and a lady of high ambition. She believes if you love anything enough then go for it and make every minute count and that has been how I approach everything.

-words by Sesan Adeniji


48 comments on “Mary Attah Azuzu’s Ambitious modelling plans”

  1. Moses

    u will achieve ur heart desires
    we believe u in
    good luck

  2. Moses

    you shall achieve ur heart desires
    we believe in you nd goodluck

  3. Olaye Fortune


  4. Olaye Fortune


  5. Lohis Aruya

    ✨ StarGirl…

  6. Lohis Aruya

    ✨ StarGirl

  7. Azidan

    Am loving this. She is really gonna make it

  8. Omuwah

    I love your spirit girl! 💪💪

  9. Nwankwo Martha

    Go Kira!!! You are amazing 💗💞

  10. Eseosa Igbinomwanhia

    Kira Attah is a remarkable model, whose limits as to how far she can go in the industry can’t be seen.

  11. Ola.dozie

    Awwwn, my baby 🤗🤗🤗
    Big ups beautiful, Bless up, We winning!!!! Go Gemians!!!

  12. benclassique

    you’re an amazing model girl, keep shinning

  13. igbinigie osahon

    very ambitious lady you gonna make it

  14. Nzelu Jennifer

    Well done Kira… You dope baby
    Keep balling my amazing KIRA

  15. Osesiamhe Gloria Ochuwa

    Reading this gave me goosebumps! We believe in you Kira, and you will surely achieve those dreams ❤❤

  16. Osesiamhe Gloria Ochuwa

    This gave me goosebumps! we believe in you, Kira. You will surely achieve those dreams ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. Mary nwankwo

    Go girllll… Nothing can stop your spark ✨

  18. Agbatutu ella

    Awesome Kira❤. You’re a star✨. Keep shining

  19. Kosiso

    Nice one girl❤️ This is just the starting point

  20. Peter Rex

    Nice on baby girl.. go girl, we support you fully

  21. Annunciata

    Go girl u can achieve all we gat ur back…..we support u in all u do….. Cuz we are ur friends

  22. Kiki

    You are a strong woman, you have the potential to win

  23. Attahphina

    Keep making me proud my dear big sis luvs n will always support u

  24. Yeuvola

    The world is waiting for you girl and I know you’re going to make it out there. ✨girl #Youaregoingfar

  25. Attahphina

    Keep making me proud big sis will always luv n support u,luv u

  26. Great

    Honestly speaking Kira.. reading it made me want to become a model myself!!. But I believe with all this determination .. the sky is your starting point 💪..

  27. Divine

    Shine on
    star girl

  28. Samuel ola


  29. Lemora_blaQ

    Extraordinary everyday…. Honestly you glow

  30. Eric

    Black beauty

  31. sunny

    awe-inspiring ..
    really love your story
    I really hope you fulfill your dreams dear

  32. Ann

    M short of words darling but one tin is certain d world ave not heard or seen anytin from u yet, u wont jst go round d globe u wud b d globe urself i believe in u baby💪kip shinning and make the ATTAH’S proud. i luv u sis

  33. Augusta

    Awwnn that’s my baby girl ❤️❤️So proud of you❤️ Continue shining 👏🏼👏🏼💃🏼

  34. edez

    go star girl, and just so u know, this is just the beginning,greater things ahead….all your dreams and aspirations would come through. we love you stunner.

  35. Solomon

    The Lord is your strength

  36. Anahita

    What I love about you is your determination with your dream and it amazing because with this kind of determination you are good to go # loves from Anahita #❤❤❤❤❤

  37. Anahita

    What I love about you Kira is your love and determination for your dream, keep it up and you will glow more. Love from Anahita ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Lizzy

    Higher u will go girl and achieve ur dreams. Good luck.

  39. attah-azuzu theresa

    everything you need to accomplish your goals is already in you
    make me proud dear

  40. omosigho destiny

    kira Higher you will go God will help you in all your endeavors

  41. Peter obiwuru

    From the outset of her modelling career i knew she’d excel simply because her passion is second to none… Go kira u got what it takes..

  42. Angel jerry

    You’re amazing girl…Stargirl

  43. Okechukwu Sonia Adaeze

    Go kira u are bless wit brain beauty determination you have it all kira stargal

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