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Miriam Alete – “Lotus Flower” Blossoming At Sparkling 92.3FM Calabar

Miriam Alete – “Lotus Flower” Blossoming At Sparkling 92.3FM Calabar

In a not too distant future, she might be the subject of a bidding war between some of the best radio stations in the country. That’s how good she’s becoming as a radio host.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

In the city of Calabar and it close by environs, on every weekday afternoon drive time from 4 pm – 6.30 pm, as reliable as a Google map direction, her voice on her radio show is always the perfect antidote that eases the daily stress for all her listeners on their way back home or at anywhere she’s been listened to. Whenever Miriam is on-air, she makes radio broadcasting read like a sold-out blockbuster novel.

In a risen crescendo, her name is beginning to resonate across the broadcasting industry and her brand will soon be the most sought-after in the industry in the coming months. Reminiscent of the likes Kemi Smallz with a quintessential attribute from her likened to the likes of broadcasting mogul like Cordelia Okpe, Miriam Chioma Alete popularly known by her radio #Mimi, is on the path of becoming one of the greats.

Beyond the great job she does on her daily show on Sparkling 92.3FM in Calabar, she’s also resourceful in other entertainment jobs. “Outside my OAP job, I am a television, event/red carpet host, V/O Artist, and vlogger. I am quite difficult but lovable. Dynamite in a small package. I think I love food but someone has to cook it. I’m graduated from the University of Calabar where I earned my B.Ed in Educational Technology and a Diploma in Personnel Management” – Mimi

Although it took a while before the industry knew she was magic at her job but gradually, she’s earning her respect. “I started as a TV presenter in 2015 with Loveworld TV in Calabar, Nigeria. In 2017, I co-hosted the lunch hour show on Paradise 105.5fm Calabar. I’m currently working as an OAP with Sparkling 92.3fm Calabar where I host the Home-run show that airs every weekday from 4 pm 6:30 pm, the Saturday Morning Experience 5 am – 12noon and The Ultimate Kiddies Challenge 12noon -1 pm” -Mimi

According to several ardent radio listeners in that city, her show is rated so highly for its spontaneity, her wittiness, and her eclectic music playlist. “The shows I host I’d say are electrifying because I unleash my craziness on the radio. Many times I’m asked if I take something (****) before going on air. Well, that’s the idea really, to make sure everybody gets a feel of how fun and exciting the radio is. I try to develop a bond with my listener that makes him/her want to listen even more.

When asked about her journey as an OAP, she replied, “Life as a broadcaster is one that is most cherished by me. I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with thoughts on how to impact the world through my platform as a broadcaster. There’s more to being a broadcaster, it’s not as easy as a lot of people tag it, it’s not all about TALKING, the question here is WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? WHO ARE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? ARE YOU AFFECTING LIVES? If the answer is yes, in what ways are you impacting lives? If the reply is no, then one needs to ask the question, why is that so?

Furthermore, I think passion for the job goes a long way. When you are passionate about what you do, when you make it a point of duty to fall in love with your job, it makes the work easier and interesting. But then a lot of people would ask “DOES PASSION FOR YOUR JOB PAY THE BILLS” Well I believe passion coupled up with hard work and consistency will pay the bills.

In a nutshell, I always advise everyone to have a go at what they want, love it and get it to love you back just the way you love someone and they love you back. Broadcasting and I found ourselves out of the blues and ever since then we have grown stronger in love and I believe that bond will stand the test of time and together we’ll find our space in the hearts of many and positively impact their lives” – Mimi

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