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Miriam Chioma Alete – Red Hot “Sparkling 92.3fm” OAP

Miriam Chioma Alete – Red Hot “Sparkling 92.3fm” OAP

The shows I host I’d say are electrifying because I unleash my craziness on the radio. Many times I’m asked if I take some s**t before going on air . Well that’s really the idea, to make sure everybody gets a feel of how fun and exciting the radio is. I try to develop a bond with my listeners that makes him/her want to listen even more.

Words By Sesan Adeniji

Whenever she’s on-air, she makes radio broadcasting read like a sold-out blockbuster novel. Her name might not resonate with you now, but her brand will soon be the most sought-after in the industry in the coming months. Reminiscent of the likes Kemi Smallz and uniqueness affiliated with folks like Cordelia OkpeMiriam Chioma Alete popularly known by her radio #Mimi, is on the path of becoming one of the greats.

“Outside my OAP job, I am a television, event/red carpet host, V/O artist, and vlogger. I am quite difficult but lovable. Dynamite in a small package. I think I love food but someone has to cook it.

I love singing; Karaoke is a yes-yes for me. I was born on the 13th of August in Rivers state. I went to high school in St. Scholar Intl. High school Port-Harcourt, Rivers State and graduated from the University of Calabar where I earned my B.Ed in Educational Technology and Diploma in Personnel Management

I come from a family of professionals. Having my dad, mum, siblings, and other relatives who are doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc. It was believed I will follow the train. My dad thought I’ll be a medical doctor, my mum thought I’d be a lecturer. But as I grew up I developed a passion for broadcasting and I decided to go for it. Surprisingly my Family had no issue with it. Everyone encouraged and celebrated me.
I started as a TV presenter in 2015 with Loveworld TV in Calabar, Nigeria. In 2017, I co-hosted the lunch hour show on Paradise 105.5fm Calabar.


I’m currently working as an OAP with Sparkling 92.3fm Calabar where I host the
Mid-Morning show which airs every weekdays from 10am -12noon, and also the Saturday Morning Experience and The Ultimate Kiddies Challenge on weekends from 5am-1pm.

Flashback to my early days as an OAP, it wasn’t all rosy; My small stature was almost a barrier because people would always tag me a little girl and so wouldn’t even want to allow me to work. But that didn’t stop me from pursuing what I wanted. Also, growing up as a child, listening to the radio I felt being an OAP was all about talking on the microphone and just catching my groove, little did I know what went on behind the scene.

When I got to know the basics about broadcasting, the dos, and don’ts I got discouraged. (Like why do I even need show prep? Speech band? Really???)oh how can I forget interviews, it was like a death sentence, looking at their faces was super intimidating. It was just too much for me and of course, I had some friends who helped make things worse. They told me being an OAP was meant to be something I’d do at leisure and not as a full-time job.


At this point I almost gave up, I started thinking ‘maybe this broadcasting thing is not just for me’; But somehow something kept driving me to do more and thank God I listened to that little voice in my head. Here I am today doing what I love and getting paid for it! I mean, I know I’m not where I want to be yet but I am determined to complete the journey and make history.

The shows I host are electrifying because I unleash my craziness on the radio. Many times I’m asked if I take something (****) before going on air Well that’s the idea really, to make sure everybody gets a feel of how fun and exciting radio is. I try to develop a bond with my listener that makes him/her want to listen even more.


A friend of mine once told me the power of writing and how much difference it can make. Some of my major tools in life are my book and pen. I write down anything that comes to my mind and it has helped a great deal. There’s a lot I plan to achieve in the coming years as regards broadcasting. I’m currently working on my Vlog ‘THE CHATTERBOX‘ and its contents are set to affect lives positively, reaching out to people all over the world, both the young and old, the poor, middle class, and the rich to inspire them in my little way.


Instagram – @mim_z_

Twitter – @al_mymi_



21 comments on “Miriam Chioma Alete – Red Hot “Sparkling 92.3fm” OAP”

  1. Young L

    Love her! She is a breath of fresh air every morning. Big fan

    • Princess

      Mimi has always been exceptional. She’s a show stopper, multi-talented. Her voiceee is electric 😍😍😍. Too much talent in talent in one person…❤❤❤

  2. Nornubari Emmanuel

    Mimi with the voice😍 The World isn’t ready for you darling ❤️

  3. Imoke Ella

    Yes o, I love Mimi she’s so good and always taking my breath away, may God elevate her , she’s my personal best.

  4. Emmanuel

    Pretty interesting personality she is… 😍 Much love from here

  5. Barr. Roland

    She is a fantastic, homely, innovative and inspiring young girl. Above all very sincere

  6. Princess Alete

    She’s actually the only reason I turn on my radio… Just to hear that amazing voice… Love her ❤❤❤

  7. Pinkylaposh

    I Love this diamond 💎 Queen with the voice of an angel…She is so full of life and can brighten ur day. Much love girl and shine on

  8. Churchboi Prince

    She is Simply Exceptional, Brings Originality to foreplay. Mimi You are the future of This “game ” Shine on

  9. Queeneth Effiom

    Super talented. I’m a big fan

  10. James enyi

    Big mimi” big drive she’s got the can do spirt!! She own it.

  11. Linda

    Wow I can’t believe I’m friends with a celebrity. She’s just a fun loving & amazing person. I can’t but say that I’m a little envious of her voice cos when she sings ehn (let’s stop here). Greater heights dear.

  12. ReggieFubara

    An exceptionally bright young Girl wired for great things. A success Story in the making

  13. Leah

    She is super amazing..weldon darling

  14. Olivette

    She not just a multi talented dynamite in small package,she got the voice of an Angel guess that’s also part of what makes listening to her exciting

  15. Dougi3v16

    Nobody does it better than you..😊
    I love you dear

  16. Jude

    Mimi is sure one of the best at the moment. I am in and out of Calabar often and I always look forward to listening to this bright light in the industry.

    Mimi, the sky is your platform.

    Love you!!!

  17. thonia

    My minion..diva…ive got hope you will make us proud. Love u

  18. connie tobins

    My mini me DAT is doing what I couldn’t accomplish. D sky is ur start point. Love u kiddo

  19. Luis 👈 my name is

    Keep going cutie 🔥… Seen you rise and it’s awesome to watch how you Have kept growing in this..

    Our very one OAP of life

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