Unarguable the biggest casualty in this category, Brymo can be said to be one of the most successful acts in our minds if his antecedents are anything to judge by. His hit collaborations with other artistes trails him everywhere he goes and cannot be wiped out of our memories but his fortune as a solo artiste leaves so much to be desired with his steady growing legion of loyal fans which he built over time. Perhaps he is the only act in this category who can boast of fans that would stand by him no matter what.

Brymo is a consummate artiste who as it were has little or nothing to prove but his fortunes in recent times has become a source of worry for his loyal fans and a hard nut to crack for industry watchers and critics alike. His last album ‘’Tabula Rasa’’ dropped in 2014 to favourable reviews and has been described as a collectors’ item and yet he still falls short of expectations when compared to A-list artistes in the land just by virtue of not winning the streets to his corner. His single ‘’Ara’’ is still a song that continue to haunt us years after its release and in the coming year may be Brymo would eventually score that vital anthem that would put him back in reckoning in this business that thrives on commercialism.

Shaydee sings


For inexplicable reasons, Shaydee is yet to get his due in the business that would be seen to be commensurate to his efforts thus far as an artiste. A curious case of two steps forward, four steps backward! Could he be doing something wrong or providence is just plain unfair to him? But then how wrong can you get if you have a Banky W, and until a short while ago, Wizkid and Skales as well as the EME machinery behind you? Guess that seems to be a part of the business that cannot be comprehended by all. Perhaps that would be the reason for many to opine that entertainment business as lucrative as it is today has absolutely nothing to do with economics; demand and supply. Sometimes it is hinged on the whim and caprice of the consumer whose patronage can be determined by mood. Who in their right minds depend on mood to do business? That seems to be the reality in the career of Shaydee.

Since being discovered by Banky, Shaydee has continued to struggle under the shadow of other EME artistes in spite of a string of beautiful singles that has the approval of the fans. Perhaps the one bright spot in his struggle is the belief the label seems to have in his abilities and so have resolved to stand behind him and bank on time and consistency for a change in fortune. That change may just happen in the coming year. May be!



Way before he made his foray into the game as a recording artiste, Rayce had been experimenting with production of sounds which he perfected to an appreciable level and even built a decent clientele too. So when he broke into the scene as a recording artiste in late 2000 with ‘’Ragabo’’ a feel good tune, the song jolted the industry because the sound was fresh and not like anything anyone had heard before. And then fame came along with its pitfalls. There was word that his production arm became a beehive as a result of the success of his first single and the resultant production schedule escalated to the detriment of catering to a blossoming recording career and by time he put out a follow up, he probably had left it a little too late. But Rayce has returned in 2015 with fresh, compelling music which includes the new single titled ‘’Omoge Marina’’.

Born Amoni Kingsley on 8th November 1983, Rayce is one of the few who can boast of real star quality and staying power. One thing which distinguishes Rayce from every other artiste is his excellent production and arranging skills. Music has been the central theme in the life of Rayce, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, arranger and producer fulfilling his childhood dreams and ambition. With GET LIFTED, his debut album on Big Don Records, Rayce demonstrates a rare ability to fuse the “feel” and “vibe” of classic R&B music with the edgy flavour of Hip-Hop and Afro pop.

Extracted from Mystreetz Magazine

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