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Muyiwa’s ‘Owner ‘ song is the perfect Tale for the society

Muyiwa’s ‘Owner ‘ song is the perfect Tale for the society

There’s no doubt that what will determine the longevity of every performing artiste won’t just be how trendy/danceable their songs are but most importantly, it will be down to the content in relation to how impactful the message in their songs resonates now and years after. Outside Afro-beat sound arrangement, the reason why Fela standout is because of the quality of the message in his music. Few artistes today stick to such values but with the likes of Asa, Brymo and now Muyiwa among a few others, there’s hope for generations to come. It’s also important to note that, if we ever going to win the Grammy Awards, it’s artistes in the ilk of those mentioned above who does assorted range of folk and Afro-beat music, are the ones who stands a chance.

Listening Muyiwa’s song titled ‘Owner’, the sound is refreshing and the underlying message is the perfect tale of the world we live in today. According to the artiste, ‘Owner’ is a song that seeks to address issues faced in our modern society today such as sexual perversion, peer pressure, suicide, and sexual consent among others’. Muyiwa Akhigbe is an Alternative/Afro-soul singer and songwriter who hails from Edo State, Nigeria. This act is indeed a breath of fresh air in the music scene. He has perfected the art of telling compelling and thought-provoking stories through his music.

Listen To Muyiwa – Owner

It is one thing to listen to music for fun, and another to be affected by
music. This is why a Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen once said that
where words fail, music speaks. According to the Singer, “I’m addressing a societal challenge with this song. “When you listen to the song, you will find out that the society we live in is faced with numerous challenges from peer pressure to suicide to self-esteem. There are different ways to interpret it.” Muyiwà is a versatile soulful singer, songwriter and art director who takes
pride in impacting the lives of every lover of good music.

Words by – Sesan Adeniji

Photography  by – Bamidele Babarinde ( @mr_babarinde )

For more information, kindly contact
Twitter: @MuyiwaAkhigbe, @OlmaRecords


Muyiwà AkhigbeArt Director & Music Composer
Phone No: 08107477638
Soundcloud: <>
Twitter/Instagram: @MuyiwaAkhigbe

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