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NneOma Azinge – “The Dame Of Radio” On Dream 92.5FM Enugu

NneOma Azinge – “The Dame Of Radio” On Dream 92.5FM Enugu

It’s a fact that they are several hardworking female OAPs in Nigeria, but away from the hype, only are few are in a class of their own. If we are to ask the question, “who’s the most professional, entertaining, and informative?” Nneoma Stephanie Azinge will most-definitely be a leading contender. With a character likened to a duchess, she is peerlessly magical. Even though she might not be the household name, her presentation skills are out of this world. As the dame Of The Morning Show on Dream FM Enugu, Nneoma, popularly called Oma, is head and shoulders above her contemporaries. 

A native of Delta State, Asaba precisely, she knows her onions. Her journey into broadcasting started from her days at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She was the news anchor and presenter at the school station from her 2nd year till she graduated as an English language & literature major. From there, she got employed at Dream FM Enugu. She hosted The Midday Express, a show she anchored for 5-years. As of today, she is the Deputy Program Manager at Dream FM. She is also the host of The Good Morning show – one of the most listened to shows in the country.

“Talking about my show, I start as early as 5 am. That is no joke because I am not a morning person. However, being able to drive or motivate someone to start their day in the right frame of mind, especially on Mondays, is something that I find impactful and rewarding.

I think that in this industry, it’s easy and tempting to fall into the trap of resting on your oars, and what stands me out as a broadcaster is my willingness to grow and evolve. The media and the way we consume it is changing every day. The key is to stay abreast of these changes and be willing to learn and unlearn”. – Oma

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Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine – Dotti Edition

Words By Sesan Adeniji – Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

One comment on “NneOma Azinge – “The Dame Of Radio” On Dream 92.5FM Enugu”

  1. U ju

    It’s well deserved… Her voice alone will make u smile. Am actually not a morning person cos I sleep so so late.. buh my 5:55am alarm is always there to help me to tune my radio and enjoy the ride.
    Though i miss mid day express buh am definitely enjoying the morning show with oma.

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