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Oarhe Ohis – The Wine and Spirit Sales Craftsman In Southeast, Enugu

Oarhe Ohis  – The Wine and Spirit Sales Craftsman In Southeast, Enugu

Judging by the average Nigerian merriment lifestyle and the consumption of alcohol to unwind and celebrate various moments of achievements, it’s not a surprise that Nigeria is recorded as one of the countries with the highest numbers of alcohol consumers in Africa. The Southeast accounts for the second-largest market for alcoholic products consumption in the country.

Words By Sesan Adeniji

With those statistics in mind, one doesn’t need rocket science to understand why various cognac, vodka, and champagne products are trying to penetrate through to enjoy a favorable market share. One of the creative heads using entertainment and his alcohol market know-how to help brands achieve their bottom line is Oarhe Ohis Kelvin.

“Nigeria accounts for the most beer and Alcohol consumption in Africa. The Federal statisticians at the NBS said the South East spend about N44 billion on alcohol consumption. This region is a huge market. Alongside my team, I have successfully introduced major alcohol brands into the southeast region in Enugu state and we recorded a massive breakthrough

In 2017 February, we introduced Belaire into the region with the first bottles of Belaire sold at Panda Lounge Enugu and introduced Belaire phantom (with the light) with first sales are done at Extreme Lounge Enugu before Platinum Lounge made it a household brand in their club. Now the sales numbers are good.

SEDIC TRADE brought me in May 2018, and I successfully created inroads for the sales of Martell and Jameson. With my relationship and strength with every clubhouse in Enugu, both products are now enjoying huge sales numbers. From Extreme Lounge to Platinum, the likes of Martell Blueswift and Belaire are now household names in Enugu with over 40,000 bottles sold in less than 2 years.

Looking forward, I and my team are ready to create such magic with other brands” – Oarhe Ohis Kelvin


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    Ohis is an awesome person. He keeps changing the face of south east both in businesses, Entertainment Shows and Talents.
    He is a true friend

    • Cynthia Lawrence

      Ohis is an amazing person and he has a niche for the entertainment shows and has being doing great in the south-east region and a great business man who knows is market too well.

  2. Ike Edith

    Ohis keep up the good work. You will go places. We are just starting o. You are an inspiration to many.

  3. Ike Edith

    Ohis keep up the good work. You will go places. You are an inspiration to us all.

  4. Oresanya olajide

    Ohis has been in the entertainment industry for a while now, he has worked with so many people and brands for more that 18 years, you won’t be surprised at his achievement if you take time to check his pedigree. Keep it up ohis.

  5. Okenwa Victor Ugochukwu

    Ohis is an awesome person. He keeps changing the face of south east both in businesses, Entertainment Shows and Talents.
    He is a true role model.

  6. Don okes

    More grease to ur elbow bro

  7. Zazzy Paul

    This is so amazing👏🏽👏🏽.. keep tracking the blocks and changing the face of the east. We’ll support you all the way.

  8. Tessy

    This is a truly awesome, I enjoyed the piece… Keep it up

  9. ugochukwu Ikechi

    Ohis has so much energy and tenacity to make a difference. He has this unique touch when it comes to events. It must meet the global standard. I guess that is how he benchmarks himself. A gentleman who sees South East as a global gateway in entertainment and in business. I’ve witnessed some of his great events, like the Art gallery that got CNN talking. Keep moving Bro.

  10. Valpage

    As far as am concerned. Ohis has been magnificent in the south east exposing a lot of brands to the public through his crafting and business initiative. He is a blessing to our generation. Keep doing what u do bro. U are a genius.

  11. Onyi

    The guy dey try👍

  12. Valpage

    Keep doing what u do always bro. This is d man with a difference. Highly creative and changing business narrative in the east. Weldon genie.

  13. Dina chukwu

    Ohis is an amazing person always ready to ride or die….. no dull moment in the southeast because of this amazing personality….. gbosa for u

  14. bubxy

    i have learnt alot associating with him, Keep soaring high Boss..

  15. Onyinye

    The guy dey try wella👍

  16. Ugochuks

    OHIS baba, is a true Gentleman and also a craftsman, southeast number one promoter on business, entertainment and life style. He is The Man.

  17. Ugochuks

    OHIS baba, Southeast number one Promoter on business, entertainment and lifestyle. Respect

  18. Adaobi Ilozue

    This is amazing👌 Keep blazing the trail👍

  19. Olisatherapper

    Ohis introduced me to Jameson and Martel. We are waiting for other brands, a and we are also looking forward to when the brands will start giving endorsement to artistes here in the south east. Lol

  20. George

    I have had the privilege of working with Ohis at Enugu’s on trade alcohol outlets and indeed he is very popular with the owners and managers of Enugu’s finest night life centers. His company Ghills are also making back to back hits when it comes to uniting alcoholic brands with top music super stars and enthusiastic consumers in Enugu. If it’s on trade alcohol in Enugu, Yes Ohis is your plug

  21. Nameless production

    He has been very very helpful to our industry by bringing brands down here.. God just brought a savior to our dying industry..thanks to this man more brands are entering the east…

  22. Riasbake

    Keep soaring higher Ohis you have really changed the face of entertainment in Enugu as a whole, the things we went to Lego’s to enjoy, you brought it down for us Kudos!¡!

  23. Sochima Eneh

    This is wonderful, Ohis is really making waves in the whole southeast. That’s an inspiration to many young Nigerians. Keep soaring my friend

  24. @drealulo

    Ohis is the go to man. He is a trend setter

  25. Chinedu

    Did amazing job with martel, started an art exhibition shich kept waxing stronger, started a comedy show which has featured the likes of Basket mouth, I go die, bovi, Kenny Blaq etc. He spear headed the south east media conference which is full of knowledge for upcoming media enthusiasts above all, he has invited top celebrities like ice prince, falz, chidinma ekike, etc. to perform and tour Enugu.
    These has given upcoming artists motivation to work more and have also placed Enugu and the entire South Eastern Nigeria on the spotlight.

    Ohis is amazingly great, he deserves a statue made in his honour.

  26. Richie

    The most underated sales man i have met. A genius in his field.

  27. Shitdamnsillysbae @instagram

    Ohiz is a socialite with style swag n passion for fun n entertaining activities. I’d give him the best amongst the rest wen it comes to life n light of parties. Ohiz is the number1 in the south east region he is indeed a Genius n through him many artist has been brought to a part of fame. We love you ohis

  28. Desmond

    MC Ohis is definitely one who knows what he wants and how to get it done. Bringing the entertainment world alive in a city that seems uninterested in one is a laudable achievement and to cap it all off, the addition of lifting spirit brands high in the region shows he’s nothing short of a business savvy

  29. Chioma

    Wow nice one dear. Keep soaring high

  30. Emeka Franklin obi

    Ohis is a certified boss, hardest worker in the room and understood his craft.

  31. Adanna

    Ohis is amazing at everything he does. The first time I heard of martell was from him. He has indeed done his homework for martell, Jameson and Belaire.

  32. Pukka Gunz

    oh yeah.! you can trust him with anything, believe me when I say anything. he is a mastermind.

    he also put his energy and resources in anything and anyone he believes in.

    Ohis is a Goal.!

  33. Pukka Gunz

    Ohis is the man.! A Mastermind. Put all his Energies and resources in all that he does. Ask brands like Martel and Jameson about him. he is the life of the southeast party.😁

    he also pushes to see that those brands support Entertainment industry and Artist in the Enugu and Southeast precisely.

    No one can do it better than OHIS


  34. Kay

    Always something great.💪💪💪

  35. Pukka Gunz

    Ohis is a mastermind.!
    he put in all his Energies and resources in all he does and believe in. Brands like Martel and Jameson are in Enugu and Southeast all because of him.

    He also pushes to see that those brands support the Entertainment industry in Enugu and Southeast precisely, which is a big plus for us the Artist.

    No one can do it better than OHIS.


  36. HAVENLive

    Good brand promotional skill…

  37. Ccica Orji

    Mr Ohis brings the finesse to the works. Knitting together events, breathing fresh life to a now vibrant South Eastern entertainment.
    So the distilleries in white bottle wants a piece of his ingenious action.
    Ace move bro.

  38. Marigold/Madamtokutoku

    Wow Ohis nice one, truly youve been doing entertainment in Enugu strong, at list because of you we can enjoy good comedy shows, open mics and now alcoholic brands, welcome more grace to your strength, we will keep supporting you if its withing our reach, God bless your hustle

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