She’s one of the few models out there that doesn’t solely depends on her pretty face or a sexy body as the only yardstick that guarantees her a successful career in the modeling industry. Oghenefega Efeni, this 18years old 300Level student studying Physiology at the University of Benin, encapsulates the totality of modeling manual. Despite arguably ticking all boxes of potential model, she continue to emphasis on the importance of hard work, being patient and most importantly, the need to be humble, learn from those ahead and dream big. With all these attributes, it’s certain that Oghenefega will transform into one of the top models in Nigeria.

“I always had interest in taking pictures because I was quite camera friendly and photogenic, anything that has to do with the lights on me just made me feel good lol. I loved being the center of attraction! About two years ago, I just enjoyed the euphoria of how my thoughts and dreams and imaginations made me feel, I was scared I wouldn’t get the acceptance of people, especially with the mentality that a female model is meant to be at least 5’9. I dared. I kicked off when I got signed to my present agency, Imaginery style models.

Modeling for me was inherent; I enjoyed just moving my body and seeing the flashlights. But, to be honest the journey hasn’t been all so good, I’ve had bad and stagnant times, times where I feel no progress has been made for a while. The major problem I face is not schooling in Lagos, it limits the opportunities I have because most of the jobs are here, my agency is here as well, so trying to balance school and work in two distant locations is a really tough one. One thing I know for sure is this industry is very tricky because you get to interact with lots of different characters, so you have to be ready to be patient, tolerant and

So far, I’ve been opportune to work with top photographers in Lagos, Benin, and Nigeria at large. Some of them include, AmazingKlef, Chuksdaniel, electron photography, the Kashope, ncourage, amongst others. Numerous makeup artists, stylists, etc It’s always amazing how I bond with whoever I work with almost immediately, hence, I get to know their actual personalities and unique styles. Talking about what I want for myself and what I want to achieve in this industry, I’m nowhere close, not even a bit. But by God’s grace, I hope to work with top designers and photographers in Nigeria, to become an international model, and to inspire young girls with this interest. The dream is to be global. I’ve worked really hard on this, and I want to continue building.

So to everyone reading this, keep the big picture in mind, look at your valid excuses and drop them like hot potatoes, don’t stop making yourself better, be humble enough to learn from who has done twice what you’re
trying to do once. Get out there; tell people what you do even when you don’t have anything to show for it. Keep speaking your realities, personal branding is key, carry yourself the way you see yourself in your head. What you expose yourself to, with time you’d look like. Don’t stop dreaming! Maintain a very high positive mentality. And you see all those amazing ideas of yours? Always pen them down. Be intentional and lastly execute brutally!
JUST DARE!” – Oghenefega Efeni

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  1. Xandra's allure

    Babe success all the way ..you’re going high up

  2. Kendrick

    Keep soaring higher!

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    Fega to the world!!!! You are going global darl that’s for sure

  4. Eghosa

    Proud of you sis…keep soaring

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    👌💯good one baby girl. We’ll all achieve our dreams

  6. Andre

    A total queen. Has always been.

  7. David Ayodeji

    My girlllll Fega has always been destined for greatness!!! There’s more to come for her and a lot of y’all aren’t ready for her trust meeee!!!

  8. Oma

    So impressed that you gotten this far. You’re only gonna get better

  9. Barly

    continue to make us proud baby…Greater heights ijn

  10. Best

    Keep shining baby girl 😉

  11. Best

    Keep Shining Babygurl 😉

  12. Pedro

    Godspeed baby girl 🔥

  13. Wesley Moyo

    I’m inspired by this lady, She’s making greatness look so easy as it ought to be. Soar high Fega.

  14. Wesley Moyo

    I’m inspired by this lady, She’s making greatness look so easy as it ought to be. I pray God make your dream and reality bigger Fega.

  15. Jennifer Ogiemwonyi

    God gat you baby! Go and excel and we won’t failure for settlement, keep pushing forward beautiful soul .

  16. David mudia

    A star beyond stardom, one of many great personalities, one with drive and pesistence. You will soar in greatness. Magnificent article.
    Awesome piece!

  17. Nuel Okoye

    Greater heights girl.

  18. Theodore

    Nothing will stop this rising star

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    Yours forever. Go girl

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    Go girl….you would go higher dear

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    My girl, keep up with the positive energy 🔥

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    Continue shinning my dear d sky is your starting point ,soon become one of the top models which u are already

  23. Shady

    Fegzzz 😍😍
    I have no doubt your success is gon be massive.
    Keep climbing higher baby girl
    Shady loves you 😘

  24. Shady

    I have no doubt your success is gon be massive.
    Keep climbing higher baby girl.
    Shady loves you😘

  25. Teejay

    Greater You I pray!
    Your Name is goona be heard across the Country 🤩

  26. Teejay

    Success all the way feggs. Greater you I pray

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    For Everything Give Adoration for this creation …keep growing

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    I wish u the best dear, continue to work hard

  31. Mary Kuale

    Wish u the best dear and continue working hard

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    Now let the world search Oghenefega Efeni on google.. Greater heights sis

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    I love this , you go sister ❤️

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    she can pose fire fire the camera…. go there bae we here for u

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    More successful to you fega. God see you through all the wayy❤

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    God’s blessings ❤️❤️

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    She’s gorgeous! Keep up the good work Fega! Proud of you!

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