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Olashubomi Balogun Is Gearing Up For Fashion Runway

Olashubomi Balogun Is Gearing Up For Fashion Runway

Statuesque, Olashubomi Balogun could pass for a Hollywood celebrity and a GQ magazine front cover model. Standing at 5’8 inches tall, Bust: 31, Waist: 27, Hips: 35, she’s such an eye candy that can hold one spellbound on the walkway and get you glued to your television screen if she pops up as an actor in commercials or as a video model in music videos. Although a young aspiring model gearing up to earn a name as a top-ranked commercial model, with the work she’s putting in, it won’t be long before rappers begin to name drop her in songs – that’s how good she’s at what she does which is modeling.

A native of Ogun State, Nigeria, she once told me, “The idea of modeling didn’t come to me until an incident that happened at my grandpa’s 70th birthday where my uncle’s friend walked up to me and complimented my stature and said he wanted me to model his clothing line. I directed him to my mum and they exchanged contacts. And that was how my first shoot came to be in 2014. Seeing the aftermath of the shoot made me realize how much I wanted to make a career out of it.

In my quest to become a better model, I started googling and watching runway shows. Kendall Jenner was my role model back then. After high school, I went for modeling auditions but sadly, I never got picked. Somehow that never deterred me. I later joined a face modeling company, and things began to fall into place. Right now, I am chasing a dream of walking on the ramp – the runway is everything for me. I’m presently not signed under any agency. I’m freelancing. Things have not been as easy as it looks, but I am enjoying the challenge. I’m so passionate about my modeling career.

I have collaborated with a handful of awesome MUAs, cosmetic brands, and designers from the likes of Banke Meshida Lawal popularly known as Bmpro to the cosmetic brand Zikel cosmetics and a host of others. I would expect to have more exposure that would open more doors as I’m still building my portfolio. Just like my mentor Naomi Campbell, I do not take no for an answer.

My perseverance is one thing that makes me stand out. Very soon, I know I will attain my goal of becoming one of the most demanded models in the world” – Olashubomi


Instagram – @shubby__

This story is from the latest edition of Mystreetz Magazine, Burna Boy Cover.

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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