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Orlando Somtochukwu – The ‘Zing Queen’ On Breakfast Show On KU 92.7FM

Orlando Somtochukwu – The ‘Zing Queen’ On Breakfast Show On KU 92.7FM

Unknown to so many, she wears several hats that will make her a force to be reckoned with in the coming months in the broadcasting industry. With a tag that reads OAP, actor, lover of dance, event compere and scriptwriter, for those who misread her undercover naïve demeanor, this lady is instinctively born with abilities like those attributed to the lion cat species. With so much energy, liveliness and breathtaking enthusiasm, Orlando Somtochukwu is the ‘Zing Queen’ OAP on the breakfast show on KU 92.7FM Benin City.

Words By Sesan Adeniji

As a co-host on the 5am ‘Wake Up Show” that focuses on politics, kiddies segment, newspaper review, weather report, today in history and entertainment news, she also host the weekend show ‘Saturday Morning Extra’ that borders between music commentary / kids game segment and as well, she host a music countdown show ‘Top 10 at 10’. Like an enchantress with a magic voice and flawless sense of humor, Orlando has constantly took her audience on a smooth sailing entertaining and educating ride on her shows. She leaves each one with memorable moment

Full names Godslove Somtochukwu Orlando, this indigene of idemili south LGA, OBA in Anambra state could have chosen a career as a lawyer just as her parents wishes but life had an interesting twist that led her through the path to studying Theartre and Film studies at the University Of Nigeria (Nsukka). “Deep down inside of me, I didn’t want a profession in Law, I have always seen myself on television, presenting or casting news. Basically I have always pictured myself in the broadcasting and entertainment industry, which was why I joined the debate club in school, so I can stand in front of people and talk like I am presenting; gush I loved that feeling.

I find my broadcasting journey really inspiring. I started off in school – in my second year where we did a course called “introduction to Radio and TV production”. I was made the group leader – we were tasked to come up with a radio advert. We produced a jingle on road safety, and emerged the winner. That motivated me: That was where my journey to radio began. I joined my school radio, Lion FM 91.1 where I understudied the basics of broadcasting. I did IT at ABS Onitsha – I wrote series of radio dramas for them. I moved to the then Radio continental now Max FM. After my graduation, I spent one year with LASU radio. During my NYSC, I served with Breez FM Akure and 2 weeks to my POP, I was employed at KU 92.7FM.


Describe the journey thus far and talk about any other thing you do outside broadcasting?

My journey so far has been amazing, tough and inspiring. There were times I almost gave up. Like I felt I made a mistake in choose a career in broadcasting, but something in me kept pushing and climbing the ladder. Honestly right now, as I type, I am closed to tears, because I can’t find the words to describe the journey. I feel I had more downs but I am still looking forward and upward. What is the pinnacle one needs to get to in this broadcasting career? Is it as a media consultant or owning your own radio and TV station? Well to me, I want to remain relevant in the industry, I don’t want to just come and go. I want to remain relevant as long as possible. And I also see myself working as a TV host soonest: fingers crossed.

Outside broadcasting, I write radio dramas, articles and stories, I am also into stage acting, though not I haven’t found any yet in Benin – I’m still searching for opportunity. So if you know any, I am right here. How can I forget to mention that I dance too, if you can dig it on the dance floor more than I do, then let’s meet up and battle. lol

What are your perceptions of the industry as of now?

Hmmmmm, this industry is like a big ocean, if you don’t swim hard you will get drowned and washed off; except you have a good come back. Too many unnecessary competition. OAPs are fighting to standout, to the extent that the big ones look down on the up and coming. That makes one feel unappreciated. lets me end here before this table will break. But the crux of the matter is that broadcasting is getting interesting and gone are the days when broadcasters were not regarded.



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3 comments on “Orlando Somtochukwu – The ‘Zing Queen’ On Breakfast Show On KU 92.7FM”

  1. Dupri

    Godslove is a fantastic OAP, she knows how to stir a crowd. Her passion for radio broadcast is something that’s commendable, I’ve watched her grow and I still admire her work every single day.
    From a radio lover to a radio broadcaster, YOU ROCK LOVE and I’m proud of you:


    There she goes, petite yet making more waves than the tides of the ocean. Keep doing your thing my darling Orlando, one day you’ll be celebrated. Oh, this is just one out of many coming.

  3. Blessing Sailor

    She is a good presenter on radio

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