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Otor Roseline Agbo – The Model Next Door

Otor Roseline Agbo – The Model Next Door

With a look and a smile that could melt hearts, Otor Roseline Agbo is the girl ‘model’ next door. Standing at 5’9 feet tall, her dream and belief in her abilities to become a recognized runway and commercial model will move mountains. With a soft-spoken voice, fluency in English, and her ability to hold an engaging conversation, all the listed attributes are the reason why she believes she could pick up another career in broadcasting in the nearest future. But as at now, she’s pulling down walls, and ready to defy the odds to attain her modeling career.

“I started modeling about three years ago. I competed and emerged as the queen of Miss Hospitality Ambassador Oyo State. I have had the opportunity to work as an editorial, runway, and commercial model – although challenging, but I have had many wins. I have collaborated with different brands. I am still chasing the opportunity to do more. As a video girl, I have gone for some music video shoots.”

With statistics Burst: 34, Waist: 24, Hips: 36, and Body size 6, Roseline ticks all the boxes for a perfect model. A native of Benue State, she holds a diploma in Public Administration. Always on the move and flexible to work with, Roseline is the model next door you need.

Socials : Instagram – @otorroseline

Words by Sesan Adeniji : Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine – Oxlade edition

4 comments on “Otor Roseline Agbo – The Model Next Door”

  1. Mutteehat

    The best girl on the block. Roseline is always ready to work and that is one of the things I like about her. Greater heights my girl, keep going


      Rose is a lady of vision and passion. She’s a goal getter. Ensure you get better in all ramifications and the sky ain’t your limit, it’s your starting point.

  2. Mosope Stevens

    Rose is someone I always love to work with, she’s intelligent and beautiful between she is a sticker to time.


      Rose is a lady of vision & a goal getter. I see you fulfilling your dreams. Keep getting better at what you do and as an individual. Greater heights dear.

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