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Ramat Taiwo Lasisi Is Modeling Her Way To Fame

Ramat Taiwo Lasisi Is Modeling Her Way To Fame

Looking through the photos of model Ramat Taiwo Lasisi, most of her images are picture-perfect. Although now earning a living from the beautiful city of Dubai where she presently resides, but life has not been this easy for her. Over the years, she has pulled down walls of despair to create her good luck. Standing at 5’8, waist: 23 and breast: 32, Ramat worked tirelessly to change the trajectory of her life story from the girl that was hopeless after the death of her father when she was 17, to now a recognized model that has also featured in a top-rated Hollywood movie.

Born and raised in a polygamous family in the ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria, in 2015, she began her modeling career.

When I lost my dad, his family took all his belongings. His children had nothing left for them

I could not go to stay with my mum because we are not close. I left for Lagos to stay with my mum’s sister in Bariga. My experience there was unfavorable. I was like a slave doing all the housework. In trying not to be idle, I try to add value to myself. I heard about the school the state Governor – Fashola established for the youth. I applied. I chose the branch of the skill acquisition center.

With the sum of 300-Niara meant for my daily feeding, I survived to round up my cosmetology school program. I decided to go back to Ibadan to assist my siblings, but my dad’s uncle advice I have to go to a proper school. I did the entrance exam, got admitted to Oyo State College Of Agriculture to study Computer Science.

I graduated in 2015. I studied Computer Science. I left to return to Lagos to pursue a modeling career. I was involved with the profession while I was doing my acquisition program. I and a friend – Tolani Ewenrenji traveled to Ghana for the possibility of getting enrolment at a modeling agency – things didn’t work.

I came back to Nigeria, visited several modeling agencies like Beth model, Isis model, and Mahogany model. I was not signed up. I decided I would travel to Dubai to actualize my dream. Yes, It worked out perfectly.

In 2018, I did my first professional paid modeling job. I collaborated with Anson Fotos for a photo series. Then after, I got my first role as an extra in a Hollywood movie. The film featured some legendary Oscar award-winning actors. I have done jobs for Emirate Airlines. I have also done collaborative shoots with some of the best photographers in the United Arab Emirates.

I have had my fair share of disappointments. I have also had several wins. My dream is to someday model for brands like Victoria Secret.”


Instagram & Twittter – @rah_m_a_t

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji


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