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Re’Becca’ Sewornuga – ‘Radio Fairy’ On Max 90.9FM Abuja

Re’Becca’ Sewornuga – ‘Radio Fairy’ On Max 90.9FM Abuja

One of the new generation OAPs that have successfully blurred the lines between being a successful radio presenter and event host is Re’Becca’ Sewornuga. Her continuous rise through the ranks is one of the positive derives from the influx of radio stations all across the country. With the energy of a goddess, she’s a smart cookie. Becca’s presentation skills are magical. She’s the Radio Fairy on Max 90.9FM Abuja. This lady is a stick of dynamite.

According to her, “In 2016, I started my broadcasting career in an online radio station, BCP Radio. In my stint at the station, I underwent training in on-air presentations, script-writing, and storytelling. In 2017, I co-hosted with Bigdaddy_Juix on a weekend show on Kiss 98.9FM, which was short-lived. In 2018, my zeal led me to start my Media and Communications Company called BECKINS MEDIA, which deals in Brand positioning, Public relations and content creation.”

Although a Ghanian, she was born and raised in Nigeria. With a B.Sc in Building from the University of Lagos, she chooses the path of becoming a broadcaster (Radio & Tv) and event hostess. “In 2019, my career in broadcasting leaped as I got employed in Max 90.9FM Abuja. I started hosting the night show, ‘Max Mix’ weekdays for a short period. Alongside my super-radio partner King Deon, I currently co-host the Drive time show Max Drive. It airs from 6 pm to 10 pm weekdays.”

Dedicated, entertaining, and always ready to learn, Becca also hosts the Sunday weekend show ‘Max Jamz Becca’ – 10 am – 12noon. With a smile that could light a bulb, she’s a live wire. Her stocks are rising, and in the coming months, she will be a force to be reckoned with in the media industry.

Socials – Instagram –@becca_beckins

Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine – DOTTi( MTN Y’ello Star Winner) edition

Words by Sesan Adeniji – Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji


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