One peculiar thing about an artist is Originality.
It is that one thing that cannot be polished or rehearsed, no matter how hard Miley Cyrus tried to be a ‘G’ she wasn’t accepted into the ‘Black Community’. It is what it is, you cannot be something you are not. Originality is something that cannot be bought, it can be filtered or imitated, but like how it is said in the hip hop culture; ‘Real Recognise Real’.

This artist has a very original edge to his craft; he has been through something lot of us can relate with. After I read his biography, I got interested in his craft and his music. Contrary to what we are used to; he didn’t come to our screens with a story of how he has been singing and doing the moonwalk in his mother’s womb, he told his success story in a way that makes his brand so relatable and realistic.

Like the average person with similar goals and aspirations will read Reekado Banks story and a ray of hope will shine seamlessly in the minds of this young cat, reassuring him that, that ‘hobby’ he picked up upon waiting for his/her WAEC results can put food on his table. That is the story behind this high spirited young box of talent; Reekado Banks.

When asked how music started for him; he had this to say;

‘Well, the music journey wasn’t like I planned it. It was just a bit of distraction from boredom for me. When I started in 2008 after finishing Secondary School and finished WAEC. I was waiting to write NECO and there was nothing I was doing in the house so I was just alone with my Mum and Dad. All I did was write rap music and poems to while away time. There was this Saturday that my brother came back from school and was saying; ‘Hmmm, you’ve joined the singers and rappers club’. – He advised me to sing because he thought I would do better at singing than rapping. At then that was how it all started’.

That quote right there changed everything; it changed my perspective of this young man’s craft. the Nigerian Entertainment industry is more driven by the floss on social media, and ,most times the craft is ignored. More importantly the genesis is overlooked, but for Reekado Banks his tale resonates within my mind and is evident in his work ethics. It is safe to say that this young man sleeps in the Mavins HQ; that is the only logical explanation for his consistency and the level he churns out single after single every week. I feel like his name is always on the new music part of every blog I open. He is a young Lion that is hungry for this music success, and if hard work pays like I know it does. In time; sooner than later, Reekado Banks will be a permanent mark on charts across the country.

With singles up and down the charts; ‘Chop Am’ featuring the delectable songstress Tiwa Savage, ‘Turn It Up’ and his third single, ‘Katapot.’

Internationally, the recently released single with Wale and Olamide; ‘Allelu’.

Reekado Banks is such a refreshing cat on the scene, his work ethics is one trait that is going to open doors and windows for him in this industry.

Extracted from Mystreetz Magazine( Cynthia Morgan’s Edition )

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