Sex Scandals – Busola Dakolo, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Etinosa, And The Others In The Music Industry | MyStreetz Magazine Sex Scandals – Busola Dakolo, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Etinosa, And The Others In The Music Industry – MyStreetz Magazine

Sex Scandals – Busola Dakolo, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Etinosa, And The Others In The Music Industry

Sex Scandals – Busola Dakolo, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Etinosa, And The Others In The Music Industry

For every Nigerian artiste, one of the issues that suck the air out of their room is any form of an alleged sex scandal. Over the years, some of the musicians that have been involved in such issues have paid dearly. When artistes and their groupies cross the line and leaked photos and Info flood in, the outcome has always been severe. In the Nigerian music industry, the year 2019 seems to have been devoid of sex scandals. But was luck on the side of our musicians not to have been caught with their pants down? Or is it the case that they learn from past mistakes? The answers to those nagging questions will be revealing. Nevertheless, we still had one or two related alleged sex scandals that shook this year.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

Busola Dakolo’s alleged rape allegation labeled on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was one of the most reported sex scandals in 2019. With her artiste husband Timi Dakolo steering the ship, leading her on the crusade for her side of the story to be heard, it was an unprecedented outpouring of rage. After weeks of accusation and counter-accusation in the court of public opinion, on Thursday, November 14, 2019, a federal court sitting in Abuja threw out the rape case citing the matter amounts to injustice and abuse of judicial process, adding that the case is empty and purely sentimental. Despite the ruling, from the two sides of the aisle, public opinion did not change. There were damages on both teams. One major lesson learned is, Justice delayed is not justice denied. Both parties will have an interpretation of that saying. Time will liberate the righteous.

Another sex scandal (misdemeanor/felony) moment happened in March 2019. When Nollywood actress and producer in the name Etinosa go butt naked for musician Mc Galaxy on his live Instagram video, the entire entertainment industry was shocked. Days before, the artiste was questioned as to why he’s encouraging ladies to go naked on his live video for the price of winning fifty thousand Naira, but he did not heed to the advice. The unfortunate Etinosa naked video that followed was like a case of a sex tape – the public outrage was swift. Although she was remorseful days after, however, that action damaged the reputation she had been building. She alludes to the fact that she was drunk the night that incident occurred, but no one will buy that excuse. The lesson learned from this is that entertainers should stop using their phones late at night when they are presumably high on alcohol.


African China's Rape Allegation In London

Looking at the other alleged sex offenses in the past, singer African China’s rape allegation on the 17th of April, 2006 in London, was one of the most talked-about sex scandals involving a Nigerian artiste. He was arrested a day after performing at “Laff and Jamz” comedy show co-organized by comedian Basketmouth and, a lady in the name of Rita. How did the scandal happen? Africa China spends a night out with (Denise McClurkin) the girlfriend of his female fan(Caroline Ojokola). Caroline then accused her friend of snatching her man and suggested she slept with him. Denise implied she was drunk and couldn’t go home on the reported night and that if they had sex, it could have been that he(African China) raped her cos she couldn’t have given him consent. That hypothesis led to African China’s arrest in London. He spent two months in litigation. Although he was later vindicated (freed of any wrong-doings), nevertheless, his career took a nosedive. The sex scandal crippled him.

Mo'Cheddah, Wande Coal, And Davido's Leaked Sex Scandal Photos

The so-called nude picture of rapper Mo’Cheddah sent to artiste and music producer Eldee as a DM on Twitter was another major sex-related scandal that shook the industry in October of 2011. Both parties came out forcefully with the explanation that their twitter accounts were hacked. But according to fans, both excuses do not hold water. Mo’cheddah’s career suffered after that incident. She disappeared into thin air.

Wande Coal

July 2010, singer Wande Coal’s leaked nude picture scandal trended on twitter. And with the alleged photo showing how small his little cock was, social media gossiping sites had a field day. Although Don Jazzy, his then record label executive put out a tweet saying the image was photoshopped, yet, that did not stop the damage done. Ironically, Wande Coal was the first artiste to survive such a scandal. Even though that took a while, he got his career back on track.

Davido’s leaked photo with an undergraduate Ghanaian student who was kissing him while he was deep asleep in February 2012 was another sex-related scandal insinuating he slept with the groupie.


Timaya Rape Scandal

When Timaya supposedly had consensual sex with a Nigerian American singer name Shella B on the 18th of July, 2015 just days after allegedly welcoming his second daughter, he never envisages that such action could come back to haunt him. According to what we learned, both parties disagreed over a separated matter, but somehow, she (Shella B) ends up accusing Timaya of Raping her. Although the case was resolved, no one knew how. We have also heard of sex tape allegation involving the likes of Artiste Chidinma, which later was debunked. But all in all, in 2019, it’s fair to say that Nigerian entertainers seem to have learned so much from past mistakes. They are now equipped in dealing with groupies and as well in covering their tracks. But if there is any lesson to learn from the ongoing sex scandal case of Singer R. Kelly and the conviction of Bill Cosby, it’s the fact that no matter how long the offenses are hidden, but when the truth comes out, it’s the number one career killer. Be warned.


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